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WTFootball: Here’s How Your Favorite Internet Writers Think Super Bowl XLIX Will Go

WTFootball: Here's How Your Favorite Internet Writers Think Super Bowl XLIX Will Go

People tend to think that your fearless Frisky staff doesn’t care about football with the same fervor that we care about, say, black honey lipstick, but that is only partially a lie because you probably forgot about a little thing called the Halftime show (also, commercials) (also, two out of six of us really do love football, how dare you be so heteronormative). But despite our varying degrees of interest in this Sunday’s sport ball match, it turns out we all had fairly strong (read: bonkers) opinions on how it would all turn out.

We took to the Internet to ask our friends from other sites you might read to see if they were similarly invested, or at the least, similarly clueless. It turns out the majority of the people we know are morons. Read on, because the predictions below are absolutely what you should be placing your prop bets on. Keep reading »

How To Throw A Super Bowl Party In Any Amount Of Time

The Super Bowl is here, and everyone is rejoicing because it means they can watch ads, puppies, grown men playing a sport that will eventually kill them and Katy Perry. If you’re going to a Super Bowl party, awesome. It’s nice to have friends, right? If you’re not, fuck the haters, and throw your own. “But, I don’t like football! I hate sports. I don’t get the rules,” you say. Whatever, fool. Do you like yelling and eating chicken wings? Yes, you do, because it’s fun. And even if you think that the NFL’s domestic violence policy is an absolute nightmare (it is) and that football players are overpaid and dumb (yes and no, it’s complicated), it doesn’t matter. The Super Bowl is a great excuse to throw a party.

Keep reading »

Cleveland Browns Receiver Andrew Hawkins: “A Call For Justice Shouldn’t Warrant An Apology”

"Justice means fair treatment"

Cleveland Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins wore a shirt bearing the words “Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford” — two unarmed Black Cleveland residents who were shot and killed by police — during pre-game interviews on Sunday, prompting Cleveland police officers to demand an apology. The Browns refused, and later, Hawkins spoke with the media at length about his decision to wear the shirt. He said that ultimately, justice means “fair treatment,” continuing, “So a call for justice shouldn’t offend or disrespect anybody. A call for justice shouldn’t warrant an apology.” Keep reading »

Watch Chicago Band Firago’s Touching Plea For The Bears To Get Rid Of Jay Cutler

"I'm in Orton withdrawal..."

Chicago band Firago has covered A Great Big World’s “Say Something (I’m Giving Up On You)” to express their deep, deep discontent with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Chief among their complaints is that he sucks and he’s overpaid. To give you a picture of how heartily Chicagoans and football fans everywhere agree with Firago, it’s worth mentioning that the video had 8,000 views when I heard about it three days ago and is, as of right now, pushing 90,000 views. I’m assuming Cutler and his family are the people accounting for those 15 thumbs-down. [Deadspin] Follow me on Twitter.

The End Zone: JJ Watt Is Just Having The Best Damn Time Of His Life This Season

The End Zone: JJ Watt Is Just Having The Best Damn Time Of His Life This Season

Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt is having the best damn season of his life, what with all those touchdowns he can’t seem to stop scoring. After single-handedly running the Tennessee Titans ragged this weekend (sure, Texans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick had a monster six touchdown game, but this was clearly the Watt show), the MVP talk surrounding Number 99 has reached fever pitch. But while Watt has proven he’s worth the hype, is he really an MVP candidate?

Let’s start with those five touchdowns this season alone. As a defensive lineman, the majority of those scores have come on, well you guessed it, defensive plays (though, as he showed off in Sunday’s matchup against the Titans, when he lines up at offense, no one wants to come between him and the endzone). Teammate DJ Swearinger put it best when he told reporters after Sunday’s blowout, “You wouldn’t find another defensive lineman with five touchdowns; you don’t find some tight ends, some offensive players don’t have five touchdowns. Five touchdowns speak for itself. Not even speaking about what he does on defense. … If you watch the games, you see 99.” To put that in perspective, Philadelphia Eagles running back Lesean McCoy, the top ranked running back going into the 2014 NFL season, only has four touchdowns this year. Keep reading »

It’s Not About You, St. Louis P.D.

Earlier this week during Sunday night football, five St. Louis Rams players came out of the tunnel to take the field ahead of the rest of the team, arms raised in “hands up, don’t shoot” posture, in honor of the Ferguson protesters angry with the lack of indictment of Officer Darren Wilson, four months after his shooting of Mike Brown. The gesture was powerful, especially coming from influential athletes from the St. Louis community. And what did they get in return? A whole bunch of belly aching from the St. Louis Police Department, who demanded an apology, rightfully didn’t get one, and then still chose to pretend they did. What a world! Keep reading »

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