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These Are Not The Cupcakes I Want For My Birthday

I’m not even sure what to say here, except that cupcake makers sure are getting creative these days. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Finally, Cupcakes For Men

We thought everyone liked cupcakes, but apparently some guys find the usual variety a little too cute and unmanly for their tastes. To compensate for the large amount of “girly” cupcake shops and to ensure that men can eat cupcakes without feeling any less masculine, David Arrick started Butch Bakery. The New York City-based company, which recently opened for business, offers baked goods “where butch meets buttercream” in the form of cupcakes (often covered in cam or wood grain) with names like “Jackhammer,” “Beer Run,” “Big Papi,” and “B-52″ (as in the fighter plane, not the group that sings “Love Shack”). How could this market have gone untapped for so long? We already have male-targeted hair dye, skincare products, and even cooking sites, so clearly our cupcakes should be segregated, too. What do you think of these macho cupcakes? [Butch Bakery via Luxist]

UPDATE: So, apparently we wrote about this before, or something. Sorry about that, readers. We do 60+ posts a day here and sometimes we forget what we’ve covered in the past. But hey, is there such thing as too much gender-specific cupcake coverage? I don’t think so. — Editor Amelia Keep reading »

Best Cooked Al Dente

When it comes to pasta there’s spaghetti, bow ties, pin-wheels, spirals, and now … boobs. That’s right, this chi-chi shaped pasta is only $10 from Fred Flare. It gives a whole to meaning to the question, “What’s for dinner?” Keep reading »

There’s Good Luck And A Census To Fill Out In Your Future

You may think you’re safe from the Census‘ over-saturation of advertising at that dingy, down-the-block Chinese restaurant. Well, you’re wrong. The Census is looking to learn more about America, but it seems they have our irresistible urge to open up fortune cookies all figured out. I think some others may want to take this creative marketing ploy into consideration. “The heavens say take advantage of your Tivo and tape the entire ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ marathon.” [Not Martha] Keep reading »

Snacks At The Movies Should Be Avoided, Even If They’re Healthy

A movie exec over at Sony is trying to convince theater owners to sell healthy snacks instead of popcorn, and theater managers have been receptive, but whether patrons will hop concession stand lines to get a bucket of cauliflower is debatable. Honestly though, after working in a movie theater for about a year when I was younger, I only eat items that are packaged in a wrapper. The way the popcorn is prepared is nasty. Keep reading to find out how the theater I worked for prepared — and recycled — the popcorn. Keep reading »

“Alice In Wonderland” Sure Tastes Good

Los Angeles-based bakery Bakelab has come up with these yummy-looking “Alice in Wonderland”-inspired treats which include “Taste Me” cookies, Cheshire Cat macaroons, and Un-Birthday cakes. We say: You’re never too old for a tea party. [Bakelab] Keep reading »

Human Milk Cheese? Cat Stew? 10 Truly Terrible Culinary Ideas

Chef Daniel Angerer once kicked Bobby Flay’s butt on “Iron Chef.” But if you visit his Klee Brasserie in New York City and try one of his signature dishes, you might be a little surprised to hear about one of the ingredients—cheese made from his wife’s breast milk. “I prepared a little canapé of breast-milk cheese with figs and Hungarian pepper,” he told the NY Post. “It tastes like cow’s-milk cheese, kind of sweet.” All I can say is … eww.

In honor of Daniel, let’s take a look at some other truly questionable ingredients that chefs are pulling off as fine dining. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: When Did Food And Sex Become Mortal Enemies?

A typical Saturday night for me can be summed up one of two ways: food or sex. Do I skip dinner and start drinking, adopt the “eating is cheating” adage so I can feel thin and attractive and get tipsy quicker, thus increasing the chances I’ll get naked later, or do I cave and open the box of Triscuits, resigned to an evening of stuffing my face in front of the TV and going to bed with a bloated stomach full of carbs and a phone full of sexually frustrated text messages from potential paramours? Keep reading »

Do Yoga And Booze Make A Good Cocktail?

I made a bunch of resolutions for myself for 2010, among them to attend yoga at least three times a week. For a few months last year, I actually made it to class four times a week, but the further we got into the dark season, my winter doldrums set in and I just couldn’t make it to yoga as often as I used to. At a time when I should have been going more often, I pretty much stopped altogether. And it’s only this week that I’ve gotten back on the wagon, in part because my husband has left town on business for six weeks and I need to do something to keep busy while he’s away. Now that I’m back at it, I wonder why I ever stopped. Perhaps, if my studio played pop music and offered dinner and wine after class, like another New York studio has started doing, I never would have left in the first place. But should yoga studios, of all places, be serving alcohol and grub? A new article in The New York Times explores the deeply divided opinions on the subject. Keep reading »

Eating Green Just Got Much Easier

Low-output shower heads kind of suck and fluorescent lighting can make a girl look tragic really fast, so some of us justify our unwillingness to switch over and help the environment out just a little. But when the rare opportunity to stop taking total advantage of the planet while enjoying ourselves comes along, there’s really no reason to say no. On that front, may we present Partnership for the Environment, a website that helps you find environmentally friendly restaurants in your area and even tells you which exact aspects of the restaurants’ practices are treating Mother Earth so well. Given that we’re huge fans both of food and not watching the ecosystem turn into a flaming ball of terribleness all around us, we’ll be visiting often. Keep reading »

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