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Why I’m Avoiding The New Slew Of Pro-Vegetarian Books and Movies

I feel like Jonathan Safran Foer is stalking me. OK, maybe not the actual guy—he’s got a beautiful, ridiculously talented wife, some kiddos, and a new best-selling book called Eating Animals, which Natalie Portman says made her go vegan, so no, he’s not actually stalking me. But I feel like he is, in the same way that I feel like Michael Pollan (who penned The Omnivore’s Dilemma) is, in the same way I feel like Robert Kenner (who made the film “Food Inc.”) is, in the same way that I feel like Barbara Kingsolver (who wrote Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) is. They’ve all created what I hear are persuasive, fascinating, and sometimes terrifying books and films about food that will inevitably change the way I think about every little thing I put in my mouth forevermore. But honestly, I just don’t want to hear it. Keep reading »

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