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Lifetime Already Planning “Flowers In The Attic” Sequel

Don't Do It, Sally Draper!

Lifetime’s TV movie adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ classic trashy read Flowers in the Attic has not even aired yet, but the network must be confident that incestuous romances are ratings gold, because they’re already planning to produce a sequel. Petals on the Wind is the second book in Andrews’ Dollanganger family series and follows the three remaining children after their escape from their evil grandmother’s attic and their mother’s attempts to poison them. Don’t worry! There’s still plenty of incestuous feelings, creepy old men, and a return to Foxworth Hall, as Cathy (Kiernan Shipka) plots to enact revenge against her mother and grandmother. I can only pray that every other pervert like me, who spent hours locked in their bedrooms, dog-earing the pages of V.C.’s books, actually tunes in for both these films, because I would personally love to see the third and fourth books adapted as well. And then the Casteel family series should be next! I could totally envision Lindsay Lohan as Heaven…

Anyway, “Flowers in the Attic” premiere January 18. Check out the extended trailer above! [Hollywood Reporter]

[UPDATE] OMG, The “Flowers In The Attic” Trailer Is Here

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flowers in the attic
Don't Do It, Sally Draper!

[Update, 5:45p.m.: Damn, the trailer has been removed from the Internet!  Trust us, it was good.]  God bless Lifetime and their trashy, trashy movies. The trailer for the January 2014 remake of “Flowers In The Attic” is here and it’ll give you the heebies-jeebies in only the way a V.C. Andrews erotica about incestuous teenagers locked in an attic by their sadistic grandmother can. Lucky for us, the icky plot is leveled out with some real stars in the cast: “Mad Men”‘s Kiernan Shipka plays Cathy, the sister who falls in love with her brother, Heather Graham plays their troubled mother, and Ellen Burstyn is their psycho grandmother. This looks intense. You know we’re going to watch. [YouTube]

Flowers In The Attic Gets A Less Creepy Cover

Flowers In The Attic Gets A Less Creepy Cover

I read the 1979 cult classic Flowers in the Attic when I was 13, but I would hesitate to call it young adult fiction. No, “supermarket trash” is more appropriate for V.C. Andrews’ book — I mean that in a good way — as it tells the story of four siblings locked inside their grandparents’ attic, being slowly starved to death as punishment for being the product of the incestuous relationship between their mother and her half-uncle. Oh and while they’re up there, the two eldest children — brother and sister Cathy and Chris — fall in love, because, like, incestuous feelings run in the family I guess. Anyway, the original cover for the book, pictured on the left, perfectly conveys the dark, WTFed-ness of the book’s juicy plot, but apparently it isn’t cuddly enough for today’s teen audience. See, publishers have released this new cover (right), which makes Flowers in the Attic look like a Sweet Valley High special edition. It may be softer and sweeter looking, but anyone who’s read the book knows that cute couple on the cover are brother and sister. Gross! [via Buzzfeed]

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