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Sometimes I Use My Hair As Floss And I Am Not Ashamed

Sometimes I Use My Hair As Floss And I Am Not Ashamed

Confession: Sometimes, when I have food stuck in my teeth and no floss on hand, I am industrious enough to pluck a hair from my own head to use instead. I’ve never met anyone else who’s been as clever, so for a second, I thought this Gawker headline was about me: “This Woman Uses Her Hair as Floss in the Name of Thrift.” Except it’s not, because I do it in the name of convenience, not because I’m cheap. (I’m guessing “Amelia is the Bear Grylls of emergency dentistry” was #31 on this list.) Apparently, this fellow DIY flosser and kindred spirit of mine appears on a new episode of the show “Extreme Cheapskates,” and while I agree it’s extremely cheap to use hair instead of floss because you don’t want to spend money on it, I don’t see what’s so crazy about using one or two strands of my own hair to get a piece of kale out of my teeth. Yes, one or two. Sometimes one works, but occasionally I have a two-strand situation on my hands. I don’t recommend using three. The only thing worse than having food stuck in your teeth is having hair floss stuck in your teeth, TRUST. [Gawker]

The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Start Flossing

Dental hygiene is important, people. If you don’t wash your face for a while, you might sprout a few zits. Those go away in time. If you stop brushing your teeth, they might fall out. Tooth loss is forever. Use the next 21 days to develop a habit that will keep your chompers in business. If you’re lazy like me, try dental flossers, which even come in the shape of dinosaurs! Plaque is not sexy. Floss. Keep reading »

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