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While Flying, Flight Attendants Score IFBs

Apparently, flight attendants not only flirt -- they have "IFBs" (that is, in-flight boyfriends). So it was revealed on last night's "Fly Girls" series premiere. "It's a cute guy that you scope out to help the time fly," explains one Virgin America flight attendant. See how it's done when she sets her eye on the…
By: AOL Television / March 27, 2010

The Dark Side Of Being A Flight Attendant

Russian airline Aeroflot, which is known for its sketchy planes, disgusting food, and bad service, is getting a makeover. At least, their flight attendants are. The company’s new boss said he is only going to hire “very eye-catching girls.” Also, women who are larger than a size 10 need not apply. [Daily Mail]…
By: Nikki Dowling / July 31, 2009

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: The “Before Marriage” Sex List

The other day, one of the Guys On My IM told me, "Guys want to bang a model, a stripper, a famous chick, and maybe a flight attendant before getting hitched." I've heard such sentiments before, though not from any guy I truly respected (I actually respect this particular guy, despite his pre-marriage hump list).
By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 2, 2008

British Airways’ Fancy Flight Attendant Uniforms

Sexy cop, sexy nurse, sexy school teacher. They’re all very sexy, but nothing tops a good, old-fashioned flight attendant's outfit! Even ladies melt at the thought of a '60s pillbox hat and matching suit -- so glamorous, like a sky-high Jackie O! Well, just like her classic pearls, stewardess uniforms never go out of style.
By: Simcha / May 22, 2008