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5 Reasons We’re Excited for “First Love, Second Chance”

A first love is a pretty freaking powerful thing. It serves as the opening chapter to the epic novel that is your love life. While most first loves aren’t meant to be forever, they usually leave behind some lingering and pesky “what ifs?” What if I should’ve stuck it out? What if that was the best sex I’ll ever have? What if he became rich and successful? What if he was the one? A new TV Land show, “First Love, Second Chance,” will be answering those questions for a few former couples. Each episode of the show, which will premiere March 10, reunites a single person with their also conveniently single first love, to see if they want to try again. The couple spends two weeks living together—one week at her place and one at his—after which they must tell the other if they are worth a second chance. It’s kind of like “Grease,” except with Dannys and Sandys who can’t sing. To us this sounds like a recipe for drama—in a good way. Here are the five reasons we’ll be watching “First Love, Second Chance.” Keep reading »

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