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When Michelle Met Barack…

Embedded video from CNN Video

Best first date ever? Possibly!

Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 4, 2009

Dating Don’ts: Six Things Not To Do On A First Date

The unthinkable has happened. He asked you out. The only guys who renders you speechless. The guy so smart, handsome and unbelievably hot you can do little more than blush and stutter in his presence. And now you’re going out with him. Tomorrow. Hooray?

Your friends think it’s cute that you’re in such a…

Judy McGuire / October 30, 2008

Poll: How Old Were You When You Went On Your First Date?

iCarly’s 15-year-old star Miranda Cosgrove told People she hasn’t gone on a real date yet. “I can go on double dates with my friends. It’s the big time to get a boyfriend, I guess. My best friend goes on a date and calls me and tells me all the details like 20 times.” This got…

Catherine Strawn / July 21, 2008

StyleHiving: A Frisky First Date Ensemble

So, it’s Friday night and the cute guy you met at a party last weekend asked you out on a date — you really like him and really want to overcome all the first date barriers to score an ever so elusive second date. Well there are lots of precautions to take to get there,…

Sabrina Newman / January 16, 2008
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