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New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Anti-Abortion Bill

New Hampshire's governor vetoed an anti-abortion bill today that would have classified the death of a fetus as a homicide, which is a sneaky tactic by pro-life activists to restrict abortion rights by granting  fetuses the rights of full human beings. [] Vice President Joe Biden has released a powerful new anti-violence against…
By: Jessica Wakeman / June 21, 2012

Today’s Lady News: Pregnant Woman Who Attempted Suicide Charged With Murder

Bei Bei Shuai of Indiana attempted suicide in December and lived. But Bei Bei was pregnant when she ingested rat poison while attempting to end her life. Her baby was born alive, but taken off life support after birth. Now Bei Bei is being charged with feticide because her suicide attempt may have contributed to…
By: Jessica Wakeman / March 21, 2011

Pregnant Woman Jailed In Iowa For Thinking About An Abortion

Holy thought police, bat girl! Police in Iowa arrested a pregnant woman in her second trimester last month for telling a nurse she'd been thinking about having an abortion. While in the hospital after falling down a flight of stairs, Christine Taylor, 22, told a nurse about her employment and marital woes; Christine also…
By: Jessica Wakeman / March 15, 2011