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The Sound Of Sexiness

The sexiest I’ve ever sounded was when I had laryngitis. My voice was deep, it was slightly raspy, and I wished it would stay that way forever. But then I got better and went back to sounding young and sweet. However, a new study says that I sound the sexiest when I’m fertile. A bunch of women had to record themselves saying the numbers one through 10, and men and women listened to the recordings and noted how attractive the women sounded. New Scientist reports that the voices rated most attractive belonged to those at their most fertile. However, Dr. David Feinberg from McMaster University in Canada said there might be other things at play, namely PMS: “While it’s possible, the other issue is that women do have mood changes across their menstrual cycle, and people might just be attracted to a happy-sounding woman, rather than a fertile one.” [BBC] Keep reading »

Natural Selection: Who Should You Cheat With?

A study published in February’s Psychological Science found that women in relationships are more likely to consider cheating with single men when they’re fertile, but they’d go after attached men when they’re not. Researchers think this might be because nature wants us to make babies, and if a man’s not as willing to get busy, he’s a waste of time. When women are not in a baby-making moment, they want someone who could nicely replace their current partner, and men who are already in relationships show that they can commit. Single women, on the other hand, don’t give a crap whether a man’s single or attached. They just wanna make out. [Nature News] Keep reading »

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