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The Only Time Ronald McDonald Will Ever Get In Anyone’s Pants

The is the closest Ronald McDonald will ever get to a woman’s private parts and it’s still gross. Just like most everything McDonald’s does … so wrong. Also, it sold out. [Regretsy via The Daily What] Keep reading »

Poll: Do You Use Feminine Wipes?

I have an aversion to the phrases “feminine products” and “feminine hygiene,” probably because they bring to mind cheesy commercials about having “better periods” and boxes covered in pink flowers. I’m not against the actual use of feminine products, because, well, some are sort of essential every month. However, feminine products encompass more than just pads and tampons. I just took a survey of a few friends and learned that many of them carry “feminine wipes” (an equally icky phrase) in their bags. Some do this because they don’t know who’s going to be down in their feminine area after a night out, and others because they don’t want to offend their waxer when they have an appointment late in the day. Even if they are useful, can we please come up with a cuter name for the things? Keep reading for the names of the nine products pictured about, which include “Fresh Wipes” and “On-the-Go Wipettes.” Wipettes? Really? They’re just that cute and little? Keep reading »

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