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Trend Alert: All The Celebs Are Wearing Fedoras — Would You?

Last week, Ami and I were having a post-Soul Cycle glass of wine – as we do – when a man wearing a slightly askew black fedora and sunglasses wandered into the bar. “Oof, Justin Timberlake circa 2003 called and wants his hat back,” I whispered. Ami took a quick glance and grimaced as well. A second later, I realized something. “Hey! That’s Justin Theroux!” It seems Jennifer Aniston’s fiance — who, despite the catty way I feel about is headwear, is hilarious (have you seen “Wanderlust”?!) — was the man wearing the talisman of doucheitude. See, Timberlake in a fedora in 2003 was a brief moment in time when the look was kind of okay, but Theroux in a fedora in 2013? EGADS NO. Generally speaking, a fedora on a man should serve as a giant red flag. (And I say this, people, as someone who really, really love Channing Tatum, who never met a fedora he didn’t like and wear obsessively.) Keep reading »

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