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Rebecca Martinson Isn’t Alone: 10 More Tales From The Sorority Hall of Shame

Meet Rebecca Martinson
She sounds like a great gal all around! Read More »
Meet Sigma Nu!
Sigma Nu
Here's the frat Rebecca Martinson is concerned with impressing! Read More »
Amazing Sorority Letter
Rebecca Martinson wants her sisters to shape up. Read More »

University of Maryland sorority girl Rebecca Martinson has gotten a lot of attention this past week for the rather aggressive email she sent out to her fellow Delta Gamma sisters. Martinson, who repeatedly referred to her sisters as “awkward,” “retarded” “faggots,” was fairly quickly outed as the letter sender, and has since deleted her subtly racist Twitter feed.

Many people have rushed to Martinson’s defense in the days since, and would like to remind us that not all sorority sisters are so foul-mouthed and nasty. And it’s true: the vast majority of sororities and sorority sisters are not little Rebecca Martinsons. And sororities can have long-lasting positive effects on the lives of their members. So before you cry foul, know that we do agree, sororities can provide valuable and enriching experiences for their members.

But these are not those stories.

After the jump, some of the worst sorority sisters giving Greek life a bad name. Keep reading »

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