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Flying Terrifies Me: Here Are 7 Tips On How People Think I Should Deal

Fear Of Flying
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Jessica is terrified of flying. Find out how she copes. Read More »
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I hate flying. Hate it. Just thinking about being on an airplane makes my lungs tighten and my blood pressure rise. I’ve flown many times before (across the country, across the Atlantic, etc.), but it’s never been remotely pleasant for either me or the person stuck sitting next to me. I cry, I hyperventilate, I get diarrhea, I grip the arm of my poor seatmate. I actually once canceled a vacation to San Francisco and Los Angeles because I was too afraid to fly alone.

Yeah. It’s bad.

For me, my fear of flying isn’t so much about the fear of being in the sky, but about claustrophobia: the fear of being in a confined space in a long period of time with no way to leave. Although I realize it’s very different, for the past couple of years I’ve tried to train myself on stalled subway cars or trains to take calming breaths and not freak out. But even that challenge is difficult. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: I Want To Be The “Fun Girlfriend”

When I was in college, I dated a guy who went to college in Ithaca, New York. The town is filled with gorges and bridges that run over rivers. One afternoon as we were walking along with a picnic basket and passed over a bridge, he declared he wanted to strip down to his undies and jump in a river. Other swimmers had made the 10-foot jump and were laughing and splashing, but I just … couldn’t. I am not afraid of heights and I know how to swim. He kept calling at me to jump in and offering to hold my hand and jump with me, but my mind kept circling around my fears: “I’m going to sink straight to bottom. Hit a rock. And break my neck. I will be paralyzed. All because someone wanted me to jump off a bridge to go swimming.” I stood at the edge of the bridge for a whole damn hour, even starting to cry, terrified to jump in.

Eventually we walked on and had our picnic. He ate psychedelic mushrooms while I sat and watched, because that’s another thing I’m afraid to do. I felt like … well, I felt like a pussy. And worse, I felt like I wasn’t being a fun girlfriend. Keep reading »

JetBlue Pilot Allegedly Threatened To Crash His Plane After Fight With Girlfriend

Massachusetts police took a gun from a JetBlue pilot at Logan Airport after he allegedly fought with his girlfriend and then told a friend he was was going to kill himself in a “spectacular fashion.” Eeek! But it gets worse: Boston’s local WBZ News Radio also reported that the pilot, whose name is being kept anonymous, emailed his girlfriend and threatened to crash an airplane. JetBlue, however, has called the plane crash threat “vicious rumor and speculation.”
Keep reading »

Girl Talk: I Have A Fear Of Flying

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A few weeks from today, while you suckers are surreptitiously reading The Frisky on your office computers, I’ll be lying in the sun at a hotel in Los Angeles. There’s a pool on the roof and cabanas and waiters who’ll serve you cocktails poolside. I don’t intend to get up from my beached whale position all week — except, you know, to have sex with my boyfriend whenever I damn feel like it. It’s going to be heaven.

But there’s one little detail — two details, really — that throw a wrench in the whole vacation: I have to fly there and I have to fly back. And being trapped inside an airplane for six hours twice in one week fills me with such a crippling fear that I’m tempted to call the whole thing off. Keep reading »

How To Fall Out Of A Plane And Not Die

I’m not a huge fan of flying. I’m better about it than I used to be, but, you know what? Sailing 30,000-plus feet over the ground in a flying sardine can driven by forces I do not have the intellectual capacity to understand is not what I would refer to as “soothing.” More like “terrifying.” Sometimes, I wonder, mid-flight, what I would do if the plane suddenly exploded. And I was still alive. And I’m sailing down to earth trapped in my seat. You know, like, waiting to crash. What would I think? What would I do? Then, I try and think about something else. But fear no more! Thankfully, Popular Mechanics has taken the time to explain to you how to fall 35,000 feet through the sky — and survive. Keep reading »

Sheer Genius: Virgin Atlantic’s “Flying Without Fear” iPhone App

I’m a nervous flyer. We’re talking full-on panic attacks. The only way you can get me on a plane is with a dose of anti-anxiety meds, and maybe a few rounds at the airport bar. And I’m sorry, but all that “Don’t worry, you’re safer in the air than walking across the street” crap isn’t helping. Flying metal tubes, people! Suspended thousands of feet above the ground! It’s just not natural. Keep reading »

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