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What’s Your Earliest Fashion Memory?

Reason #327 why I love Mary-Kate Olsen: She, too, isn’t bashful about her past fashion choices, and is perhaps the queen of bad kid style. In a quote caught by Elle magazine, she says, “My first favorite clothing item was a pair of spandex shorts with fringe on them! Leopard and white spandex.” Wow. Honestly, those sound kind of amazing. See, my 4-year-old self would have been all over them. [Twitter]

Like any self-respecting 5-year-old girl, I took it upon myself to curate my fashion sense early on. Since my parents were the bohemian “let her be creative and wear whatever” types, I somehow came to acquire a shamelessly distinctive wardrobe (purchased, I assume, with Monopoly money). It started with all things gold. Keep reading »

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