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And The Prize Goes To … The Worst Father’s Day Gift

Last week, we asked you to reveal the worst gift you ever gave your dad for Father’s Day, in the hopes of winning a $100 Nautica gift card. I thought I’d given my dad some really horrible gifts, but you all had me LOLing at the ridiculousness of your gifts. But there can only be one winner … and the prize goes to mannequin for this comment:

“Oh geez … I went through an extended ‘phase’ of giving my dad candles for any gift-giving occasion. I knew darn well he didn’t want candles, but I liked to eat them, yep … I ate candles when I was little.
I couldn’t get away with giving them to my mom because she liked candles. Dad, however, would always make an excuse to graciously give me back the candle. At which point I would eat the candle.
Why did they let me eat candles?”

Read four honorable mentions after the jump. Keep reading »

Would You Write A Dating Testimonial For Your Dad?

Over at Slate, advice columnist Dear Prudence is answering Father’s Day questions, and the last one is a real doozy. The advice-seeker, On-the-Market Dad, is a 38-year-old man who received an email from an online dating service requesting he write a dating testimonial for his father. First of all, write a dating testimonial for your dad? Weird. In any case, OMD’s father is 70, and the son’s problem is that even if he did write the testimonial, it wouldn’t exactly be glowing. His parents are divorced, and, he says, “I believe he’s a good person at heart, but he’s got some psychological problems that have caused him to not always be there for me and to treat my family negatively.” Yet, he doesn’t want to say no, for fear of insulting his dad. Prudie advises he decline, despite his father’s potential negative reaction. Um, happy Father’s Day? Is asking your kid to write an online dating testimonial for you cool or creepy? Should the son have dutifully done his father’s bidding or tell his dad no way? What would you have told OMD to do? [Slate] Keep reading »

Girl Talk: I Want To Be Like My Dad

My father doesn’t like trying anything new. Paying bills for instance. He still writes checks and sends them snail mail. “You can pay everything online now,” I’ve told him. “It’s faster and you don’t have to use stamps.”

He refuses, though he’s fairly internet-savvy, because he’s paid bills this way for the past 30 years, dammit, and that’s the way he’s going to keep paying them. He can get impatient. His stories can go on forever. He can be antisocial and crabby.

I want to be just like him when I grow up. Keep reading »

Questions For Our Fathers: Kate’s Dad

In honor of Father’s Day we’re interviewing our dads to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. Today, Kate’s dad.

The other day, I ran across this photo of my family and it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, even though I have an unfortunate bowl cut in it. My family is just amazing. You’ve seen my sister’s Halloween costume and met my mom for Mother’s Day, so since Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, I wanted to sit down with my dad—aka, the walking encyclopedia of everything—and ask him about his thoughts on being a parent. What he had to say was extremely interesting, and got me choked up. Oh, and I love that he, of course, referenced the two-year period in life where I played basketball. Yes, I went to Mike Krzyzewski’s basketball camp and my dad couldn’t have been prouder. Keep reading »

Questions For Our Fathers: Simcha’s Dad

In honor of Father’s Day we’re interviewing our dads to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. Today, Simcha’s dad.

My dad, as Steven Martin would put it, is one “wild and crazy guy.” He likes Hawaiian shirts, sex jokes, and opera. In his truck, he was always hiding some present for me, a ladybug ring, cool pencils, a tennis ball he turned into a Ninja Turtle. It was never a dull moment growing up with that guy! I am definitely his equally wacky daughter. And although he calls the family dog by my name, a lot, I think he knows she doesn’t write for The Frisky; this bitch does. So, I decided to ask him these questions in honor of Father’s Day. He managed to surprise me, again, by actually getting all sentimental. This may be the first letter from him that does not have a fart joke. But don’t worry. Although he doesn’t let one rip, there is still plenty of Yiddish. Keep reading »

Do NOT Get Your Dad This For Father’s Day

Now, I know “clothing optional resorts” are about celebrating the human body and aren’t supposed to be at all sexual. But still, a weekend trip to one is the absolute WRONGEST gift that you could get your dad for Father’s Day. “A weekend for both of you in the nude. We set the mood. You provide the romance.” Let’s hope this ad is a joke or a horrible mistake. Oh, and here are some ideas for what you should actually get for a Father’s Day gift. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Questions For Our Fathers: Jessica’s Dad

In honor of Father’s Day we’re interviewing our dads to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. Today, Simcha’s dad.

On paper my father and I have not a single thing in common. Dad is a die-hard Republican who went to go see John McCain on the campaign trail and actually worked on a state-level campaign back in Connecticut when I was a kid. He watches FOX News every night, especially his bestest friend in the world, Bill O’Reilly (gag). He a guy’s guy who likes watching NASCAR racing, John Wayne cowboy movies and “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” drives a ride-on lawnmower around our yard, and loves the home repair projects that blow sheet rock dust all over the house. Keep reading »

Bad Dad Style: No More Golf Hats, Please

Every now and again, you see an older man dressed impeccably and wonder where the hell he came from and if he’s even from the same species as your own dad. Because sometimes your dad looks good, but more often than not, he’s woefully misguided in sweater vests, sock/sandal combos and those hideously unattractive pleated from khakis that dads everywhere seem to love so much.

My mom’s a pretty classy lady, so she’s beaten a vague sense of style into my dad over the twenty two years they’ve been married. But even though he’s lived two decades under the watchful eye of clothing nazi, every other time I turn around he’s wearing all sorts of fleece and even the occasional Teva sandal. Enough is enough. There are certain things that we as daughters just shouldn’t have to put up with. Keep reading »

10 Things You Really Don’t Want To Do With Dad

You know how buying things like condoms and Monistat can be embarrassing? There’s one thing that makes either of those, or anything awkward and vaguely sexual, even more traumatizing: doing them with your dad.

Having bought my first bra with my father (I have no idea why that happened), I’m fairly well-versed in the sort of mortification that comes with such activities. It’s bad enough to buy your first box of tampons, and it only really gets worse when the guy who should never think about your lady parts is carrying them to the register. But purchasing tampons or training bras aren’t the only things you should leave dad out of. Keep reading »

Lessons From Dad: Believe In Yourself

Thanks to reader Daron for sharing her dad’s advice! Keep reading »

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