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Rad Hourani Is Stunning, As Usual

OK, so I’m biased: As someone who wears fairly androgynous black clothes about 350 days a year, Canadian designer Rad Hourani makes the exact kind of clothes I want to live in. But I’m not alone. Yesterday, editors and buyers alike were impressed by the expertly cut, all-black collection of leather, zippers, layered knits and jackets with a sprinkling of sequins thrown in for good measure. Backstage, MAC makeup artist Hung Vanngo explained that in keeping with Rad’s ideal, he was creating a unique, stark look. He used MAC Studio Sculpt foundation to mute out the male and female models’ faces and even filled in their lips with a creamy flesh-toned concealer. “It’s his most grown-up collection,” Hung told me. “So this look will be stunning with the clothes.” My sentiments exactly. Keep reading »

Is Mena Suvari Determined To Be The Wackiest Celebrity At Fashion Week?

This weekend there was an article in The New York Times about the celebs who get coveted front row seats during Fashion Week, and how, each season, there’s a short list of seriously desired celebs to have at your show, while the remaining front row seats are divvied out “on a downward slope.” Which is why I suppose it makes sense that Mena Suvari attended oh-so-many shows over the last week. Not to be a total beyotch (and believe me, I was just as annoyed seeing former cast members of “The City” sitting front row, while I was in the nosebleeds), but when was the last time Suvari, um, did something memorable? Speaking of memorable, the actress seemed to be determined to leave an impression, showing up to shows with some of the wackiest hair and fugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. Keep reading »

A Peek At Tavi’s Life Behind The Blog

While the Tavi obsession may have started with the amazement of seeing a wee little thing write so intelligently about fashion, we have to admit that her snowballing popularity is now due, in part, to the fascination with what a teen blogger’s life is like. A veritable celebrity, the gossip coverage on Tavi’s outfits and whereabouts seems to have become even more popular than her blog itself. With fame comes the more plaguing questions: What’s Tavi really like? Is she the most popular girl in school? Are her parents freaked out? Has her ego changed with fame? Who is she dating? What are her diet secrets? (Kidding, kidding!)

As nearly every fashion media outlet has been stalking the teen blogger at NYC Fashion Week (including us), we’re starting to piece a bit more together. Keep reading »

Totally Sexy, Totally Wearable Hair At Zac Posen

Backstage at Zac Posen, Odile Gilbert (seriously, one of the most amazing hairstylists of our time) performed a feat by combining urban long hair chic with Posen’s ’40s-inspired collection. “We wanted to create a simple yet sexy look this season that is very wearable,” Odile said. “Zac and I talked about how influential the downtown scene is and it felt like a great fit with his clothes to have long wavy hair with some body to it. The results were really beautiful hair that bounced as the models walked the runway.” But it’s not just a runway-friendly look; it’s also perfect for a night out. Here’s how to get the look. Keep reading »

Is The Fashion World Crying Too Loudly For Alexander McQueen?

Fashion is generally about being over the top. But when it comes to mourning the loss of Alexander McQueen, a past boyfriend of the designer says the loud public displays, statements, and condolences that have come pouring in from celebs aren’t heartfelt, and are sometimes more about acting out. The worst example might be Patti Smith who was, “repeatedly screaming ‘Alexander’ and ‘Queen’ in between songs” during her performance at a Fashion Week party. In reaction, McQueen’s ex says the following: “The truth is, the fashion world is the loneliest place on the face of the planet. It’s a shallow world full of party people and party ‘friends’. Lee knew that … It’s been fashion, fashion, fashion … but what about him as a person? That’s the real loss and the real waste.” Seems to us like a situation you just can’t win. [New York Daily News] Keep reading »

Nina Garcia Go Boom!

Why is “Project Runway” judge Nina Garcia sprawled on the sidewalk outside the Bryant Park tents at New York Fashion Week?

A) Tim Gunn turned into a tiny man, and she is trying to find him before he falls into a storm drain.
B) She saw a penny on the ground and is picking it up because that could be her lucky penny!!!!
C) It was icy. “Oh, sheesh,” she said, as every “Project Runway” loser within eye shot snickered.

[DNAinfo] Keep reading »

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