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Don’t Show-cha Your Chocha

Mini dresses have been trendy for the past few seasons, but the truth is hemlines have been steadily rising for years. These days leggings are pants and shirts are dresses and it’s all very confusing. That’s where our new feature, “Don’t Show-cha Your Chocha,” comes in. Here we will document the most egregious offenders, from celebrities who seem to have forgotten their pants to models wearing “dresses” that are actually shirts. And we need your help! Spot a Don’t Show-cha Your Chocha moment in a magazine or online? Send the link to winona@thefrisky.com. Stay vigilant out there. And now, for this week’s lineup…

Fashion Fail: South African Congress Jackets

In an attempt to foster party pride, the African National Congress of South Africa commissioned a line of jackets, hoping they would take off as a unifying trend. But, judging from the blinding neon offerings and negative preliminary reactions, this collection is going nowhere fast. The line of coats for men and women may have incorporated national colors and the party logo, but the designers also seem to have mixed in every fashion trend in the book, using a military style for one, and a schoolboy blazer for another. Don’t feel bad if you think you’re being culturally close-minded for disliking the designs, because the locals don’t like them either. Says one designer, Thula Sindi, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. It all just looks like patchwork … I don’t think anybody younger than 40 would wear that, out of fear of being ridiculed.”

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What Is Up With Peaches Geldof’s Fur Tail?

Oh, the irony. Last night, British socialite Peaches Geldof attended a store opening, and later lamented on Twitter: “Tonight was too indie. Even for me. Never though I’d say it but I’m gonna have to – too many hipsters spoil the b[r]oth.” Too indie, you say? Then what’s that ridiculously bizarre fur tail doing on your purse? Because that looks pretty hipsterific, if you ask us.

For a moment we thought the accessory might have been part of the Louis Vuitton SS 2010 collection, which included dangling fox fur tassels. But no, the LV designs were larger and featured dyes in splashy colors. Geldof’s tail appears to be the real deal, au naturel. Coming soon to an Urban Outfitters near you. [DailyMail.co.uk] Keep reading »

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