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Fashion Bloggers Mocking Fashion Bloggers

It’s fairly easy to make fun of the Rumis and Tavis of the world. When young and pretty fashion bloggers post self-styled photos, they become what I call “hate bait”: people bash on these fashion figures if not out of jealousy, then something a bit more misguided that stems from their own shortcomings. Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace are two artsy French guys who, I think it’s fair to say, have little aspiration to make it onto Teen Vogue‘s next “bloggers to watch” list. Yes, they’re in the business of mocking fashion bloggers, but they do it artistically and wittily on their blog, Le Petit Écho Malade (which sort of translates into “the little sick echo”) by re-staging self-portraits and street snaps. While they’ve riffed off of some more iconic images like Tavi’s ginormous pink bow, you don’t really need to know the references in the rest of the photographs, just that the duo is copying an indulgent mentality. Case in point: A girl blogger poses coyly, looking like she’s on the verge of fainting, clad in bird-patterned tights. Le Petit Écho Malade’s translation: A dude looking surprised in a too-tight shirt and real birds attacking his tights. Sick. Check after the jump for some more images! [Le Petit Écho Malade via High Snobette] Keep reading »

Plagiarism Claims Start Drama In The Fashion Blogger World

Fashionista recently published a list of the “Most Influential Personal Style Bloggers,” which included people like Tavi and Jane from Sea of Shoes. The post accumulated several comments, many of which were your run-of-the-mill positive “great list!” quips. However, one commenter took issue with the website’s picks, stating: “I’ve noticed that some blogs with larger audiences (a number of which are included in Fashionista’s list) often appropriate content from smaller blogs like the ones in the paragraph above. While being inspired by others is par for the course, what’s disturbing is that some of these widely read blogs do not feel the need to cite their sources. By omission, these popular blogs will claim the original ideas of others as their own.” Keep reading »

Chictopia Users Find Themselves Unexpectedly Starring In Payless Ads

We’re still trying to wrap our brains around the bizarre intellectual property fiasco brought about by Payless Shoes and Chictopia. In a nutshell, several fashion bloggers who posted their own self-styled photos to Chictopia (a social network that allows users to upload pics and engage in an online community) unexpectedly found themselves featured in a campaign for Payless. From the bloggers’ side of things, several expressed that they wouldn’t have been so disturbed had Chictopia informed them of what was going on, and if they’d done so, the bloggers might actually have been into the idea. In an article on the website International Fashion Bloggers, one girl involved explains:

“I wear Payless shoes and they’re a huge company with a lot of reach, so I was excited to have gotten their attention. Then, when I clicked through the campaign, it struck me that this was not a mutually beneficial situation. The only people who stood to gain traffic or profit from the campaign were Chictopia and Payless. I was really disappointed because I would have loved to work one-on-one with Payless on a campaign if they were interested in my personal style and my outfits featuring their shoes, but instead they cut me out and worked on a deal with Chictopia instead.”

Keep reading »

Bring On The Big Girls

Blogs like Sea of Shoes and Fashion Toast are fun, but their wispy purveyors weigh a combined 25 pounds and it gets a little hard to imagine some of that style on a normal-sized person. We’re totally into the inspirational aspect of the sites, but pleasantly surprised to see a new wave of stylish bloggers more interested in being themselves than channeling models. We’ve seen enough blog posts about Crystal Renn to know that change is brewing, but it’s cool to finally see some bigger girls getting mainstream blog traction, too. We’ve got a huge collective girl crush on Gabi (left) of Young Fat and Fabulous and Fatshionable’s J. is kind of gorgeous with awesome skills in the flashy clothing department. Check out a full list of curvy lovelies with awesome clothes here. [Refinery 29] Keep reading »

Quotable: Fashion’s Voice Of Reason

“But there’s also something beautiful about these fresh voices that can say something that maybe sometimes someone who does have a lot of credibility misses, or they see it through a really fresh eye. I think that’s the debate that is going on in our industry full-stop, because we don’t want to discredit years and years of experience and hard work and paying your dues and learning about what we do day to day, but there is something really beautiful about all of these really fresh perspectives that come out of the Internet.”

Kate Lanphear, Elle‘s rather adorable Style Director, on how the new wave of style bloggers and traditional fashion magazine editors can learn to get along [Fashionologie] Keep reading »

Fashion Bloggers Can Cast CFDA Ballots … If They Ask Nicely

It’s official: Fashion bloggers are taking over the world and are infiltrating all areas of the industry. And you thought it was only about fame and free stuff? (Note: Wait, technically I guess I’m a fashion blogger, and I don’t even get those things.) Apparently, some of these lucky bloggers will get to vote on the CFDA awards—which is a pretty big deal. When New York‘s The Cut heard about this, they wanted to know more, and got an official answer from the CFDA:

“Apparently, this year the CFDA decided to include Internet people because many were submitting requests to be a part of the voting process. So being a part of the voting is actually as simple as asking — and then getting accepted. Any bloggers who didn’t receive ballots can simply ask the CFDA to be included this year. The CFDA will review all requests and accept those who ‘have covered fashion in a significant or knowledgeable way in the past year.’”

So, would writing about mustache jewelry murses and things you could store in harem pants qualify as significant fashion coverage? Because then we want in. [NYMag.com] Keep reading »

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