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Farrah Abraham’s ‘Backdoor’ Bikini Is Too Dirty For Ebay

It’s a sad day for perverts everywhere as the bikini worn by Farrah Abraham during her sex tape is no longer available on eBay. Citing “health and hygiene concerns,” eBay has pulled down the listing for the crystal-encrusted two piece which Abraham wears in her porn tape, as well as during some totally not stagedpaparazzi shoots prior to the tape’s release.

The bikini showed up online last week, sold by Vivid Entertainment, the porn house behind (ha) the release of Abraham’s now-infamous porno with James Deen. The bidding started at $500, but over the weekend the price had soared to a reported $14,700 because there are only three constants in life: death, taxes and perverts on the internet. Read more on Celebuzz…

Girl, Please: Farrah Abraham Says Sex Tape With James Deen Was Supposed To Be “Private”

Farrah Has A Bridge To Sell You

I’m not sure what Farrah Abraham‘s motive is, but she sure is determined to convince the masses that her sex tape with porn star James Deen — released by Vivid Video as “Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom” — was actually meant to be kept private. Here she is appearing on “Entertainment Tonight,” explaining that, yes, she hired James Deen to have sex with her on camera, but it was only ever going to be for her, uh, private collection I guess. It seems Farrah is lonely and thought hiring a porn star to bang her (on camera, remember) was the most discreet way to get laid. She explains:

“I was under the belief this would help better protect me and my privacy. So I was like, ‘if this guy is so professional and everything is gonna be fine,’ then I was like, ‘I’m happier with this choice.’”

Farrah blames Deen for leaking the tape and basically acts like she had no choice but to reap the financial rewards (believed to be in the seven figures). As for why she wanted to film their fuckfest? Empowerment, obviously. Keep reading »

"Farrah Superstar" Update
More thoughts on Farrah Abraham's sex tape with James Deen. Read More »
Failed Farrah Wank
Amelia tried to masturbate to Farrah's sex tape ... unsuccessfully. Read More »
Watch Farrah's Sex Tape!
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“Farrah Superstar” Follow-Up: I Watched 40 More Minutes Of The “Teen Mom” Sex Tape

Review: Farrah's Porn
Amelia tried and failed to masturbate to Farrah and James' sex tape. Read More »
Watch Farrah's Sex Tape!
We got a seriously NSFW clip! Read More »

Yesterday, I took you on a journey into my bedroom as I attempted to get-off to the 5:12 minute clip/trailer for Farrah Abraham and James Deen’s hardcore porn “Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom.” You were there as I failed to climax, thanks to Farrah’s distracting vocal inflections (which I described as “a human speaking dolphin”), sex yelps and unoriginal dirty talk. I mourned that a man as talented in the sack as James Deen had been so poorly utilized. While I suspect we have many men to thank for the huge sales numbers for “Farrah Superstar” (which is already more popular than Kim Kardashian’s sex tape), James Deen is beloved by female porn viewers and I thought it was a damn shame that what I saw of “Back Door Teen Mom” did not allow his star to shine. Initially disappointed that “Farrah Superstar” had failed to please, I turned to the wealth of James Deen sex scenes available on the interwebs and went to bed content.

I made it clear in my initial piece that I was only really “reviewing” the clip/preview released by Vivid Video, edited to entice the viewer into purchasing the full shebang. Perhaps other viewers were as underwhelmed as I was, because late last night — journalism is a 24 hour job, people! — I discovered a full 42:55 scene from the video on Porn Hub (SUPER NSFW). Hmm, I thought. Perhaps I should give this another shot. A good journalist should never refuse the opportunity to review further evidence. Keep reading »

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