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Yes, That Flair Does Make You Look Like A Rapist

One of the many stupid ways to waste your time on Facebook is by sending people “flair” — basically little icons users can put on their profile pages that represent their interests (i.e. a piece of flair of Harry Potter naked, or a piece of flair stating your love for boxed wine). But you can also send people flair that promotes rape! Like all of the ones above! So not funny right? I suppose the people behind the “Flair” application thought that rape was just like any issue, with a pro side and a con side and since they had so many anti-rape pieces of flair, they need to have some pro ones as well. Leave a message on the application’s wall, if this pisses you off. [Facebook: Pieces of Flair via Feministing] Keep reading »

Stealing A Friend’s Friend

Even as adults, we deal with the same issues we did when we were in grade school, i.e., “She stole my friend!” Friend poaching, as the Seattle Times calls it, has always been a problem, largely because we don’t have the same rules in friendships that we have in relationships. There aren’t accepted rules like “Thou shalt not date a friend’s ex without permission” in the world of friends. Having a friend stolen from you really sucks, and I should know because it happened to me in middle school. However, the practice works out really well for the poacher, who knows this new person must be at least semi-cool since their friends approve of her. Facebook has made friend poaching really easy. Go to a party, meet someone knew, friend them the next day. Some people would call this “networking,” and it is, until you stop hanging out with the person who introduced you. But maybe friend poaching is just a way of alerting you that you shouldn’t be friends with your friend anymore. Thoughts? [Seattle Times] Keep reading »

Friday Quickies!

  • Our six words to describe love and heartbreak? Mac ‘N’ Cheese Hurts Way Less. [SmithMag.com]
  • Watch a black-and-white film this weekend. [DAME magazine]
  • Are you a flirt? We are. [Tango]
  • We all use Facebook to keep tabs on our exes. [DearSugar]
  • Huge shocker! Feminists can be funny! [Salon]
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    Annoyance Of The Day: Facebook Wedding Ads

    If your status on Facebook is “engaged”, you get inundated with various bridal and wedding B.S. on your profile page. As if you need a reminder that you’re supposed to be planning a friggin’ wedding, not adding “tanning, indoor gardening, and mac ‘n’ cheese” to your interests. Ugh. Keep reading »

    Facebook Will Lead To The Downfall Of Romance And Mystery!

    I’ve decided that Facebook and MySpace are dangerous for couples. Here are some examples of what I mean:

    1. My fiance and I are both on Facebook, but were not “friends” until recently because, as he said, “I hate Facebook. I only am on it for work networking reasons.” Which explains why, I guess, he didn’t accept my friend request for six months. And then I had to badger him into accepting our engagement status online.
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    Why We Love Yale Sluts

    After years of studying and not getting laid just so they could get into Yale, some Zeta Psi recruits have officially blown their chances of ever enjoying a woman’s touch. The freshmen frat wannabes posted a picture on Facebook of themselves in front of the Women’s Center on campus with a sign that read, “We Love Yale Sluts”. The misogynistic mayhem culminated with a chorus of, “Dick! Dick! Dick!” (We’d expect more from the Ivy League, but bare in mind this is G.W. Bush’s alma mater.) Needless to say, the women on campus have pledged to never put out for Zeta Psi and the administration is debating whether they will sue for the inflammatory sign. Looks like sluts aren’t just well loved, they also rule the school. [Yale Daily News]

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