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If you’ve ever found your eye twitching like a cartoon character with an evil secret, it’s normal to wonder if it means you’re dying of some rare disease and oh shit, how long do you have to live??? But fear not. Or, you know, keep fearing because anxiety is often its own evil machine…READ MORE »


Boyfriend into Japanese cartoons? Then he’ll love you in these extra-wide contact lenses from GEO Lens. The lenses sounded innocuous enough at first, but after two seconds of moderate internet investigation, I learned that the lenses primary function are to give your eyes the appearance of an anime character. WTF? The lenses are not only… READ MORE »


Most of us have some body hangup, whether we hate our hair (“Too curly!” “Too straight!”) or bodies (“My boobs are too small!” “My boobs are too big!”). For many Asian women, it’s the lack of an eye crease — some Asians don’t have defined indentations above their eye, which is called a “double eyelid.” READ MORE »