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Sometimes I Use My Hair As Floss And I Am Not Ashamed

Sometimes I Use My Hair As Floss And I Am Not Ashamed

Confession: Sometimes, when I have food stuck in my teeth and no floss on hand, I am industrious enough to pluck a hair from my own head to use instead. I’ve never met anyone else who’s been as clever, so for a second, I thought this Gawker headline was about me: “This Woman Uses Her Hair as Floss in the Name of Thrift.” Except it’s not, because I do it in the name of convenience, not because I’m cheap. (I’m guessing “Amelia is the Bear Grylls of emergency dentistry” was #31 on this list.) Apparently, this fellow DIY flosser and kindred spirit of mine appears on a new episode of the show “Extreme Cheapskates,” and while I agree it’s extremely cheap to use hair instead of floss because you don’t want to spend money on it, I don’t see what’s so crazy about using one or two strands of my own hair to get a piece of kale out of my teeth. Yes, one or two. Sometimes one works, but occasionally I have a two-strand situation on my hands. I don’t recommend using three. The only thing worse than having food stuck in your teeth is having hair floss stuck in your teeth, TRUST. [Gawker]

This Guy Waxes With Packing Tape And I Am Terrified

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