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Toenail Removal Surgery And Other Scary Athlete Behavior

Athletes take their chosen sports super seriously. I mean, that’s why I train year-round to be a competitive eater (I’ll get you yet, Kobayashi!). But as with anything, intense training can go to the extremes. According to The New York Times, some long-distance runners are getting their toenails surgically removed, rather than dealing with black and blue toenails or nails falling off slowly and causing pain. Seriously, some marathoners are having acid poured into their nail beds to do away with them permanently. One podiatrist said, “A lot of them look at their toenails as useless appendages, remnants of claws from evolutionary times long ago. I’ve heard them say, ‘Toenails are dead weight.’” Some of them even sport t-shirts that say “Toenails are for sissies.” [NY Times]

If you think that’s scary, there’s a slew of other tactics that athletes use to get ahead. Keep reading »

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