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Welcome To Hell, Where These Rubber Ducks Scream Into An Eternal Abyss

Nightmares, daydreams, it’s all the same shit after a while, isn’t it?

Megan Reynolds / August 31, 2015

Racist Frat Boy’s Parents Are Totally Sure He Is Not Racist In His Heart

Brody and Susan Pettit, the parents of Levi Pettit, one of the University of Oklahoma Students caught on film singing a racist chant, have taken out a whole entire web page with which to announce to the public that their precious darling, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, is not in fact a racist.

Robyn Pennacchia / March 11, 2015

Existential Cat Would Like To Celebrate His Birthday With You

Existential cat is overcome with existential feelings on the occasion of his birthday. [BuzzFeed]…

Susannah Breslin / May 5, 2010