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New Zealand Man Jailed For Watching Too Much Elf Porn

Child Porn At NYU
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Elf Sex?
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New Zealand man Ronald Clark was sentenced to three months in jail for possession of pornography featuring cartoon fantasy creatures having sex. Clark, who was previously convicted of assaulting a teenage boy, claimed that the salacious materials were of “pixies and trolls” that “you knew at a glance weren’t human.” However, the cartoon characters in the porn were young elves and pixies, which led to concerns from an anti-child pornography group that the images were linked to child sexual abuse. As philosophy professor Grant Tavinor put it:

“The worry is that viewing or distributing such images could support the sexual exploitation of children even if the production of the images did not actually involve the exploitation of any children. It’s not enough that no one was harmed in the making of the videos, the law takes a protective role and says there are some things we just don’t want circulating in society …The ways a person entertains [himself] is not morally negligible. But for the purposes of law it is probably important to distinguish between these because convicting someone for their moral views is very dangerous.”

What do you think? Should it be illegal to watch certain kinds of porn or is that taking it too far? [Stuff]

The 12 Days Of Catsmas: Day 10

On the 9th Day of Catsmas
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On the 10th day of Catsmas, my true love gave to me …

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This Guy Just Wants To Hang Out With Elves, OK?

Last time we checked, you could still love whoever or whatever you want. And so what if you happen to love magical elves, and believe that you’ve discovered a secret lake where they all live? Who are we to judge?

In this video, elf lover Christopher Valentine discusses elves’ physical characteristics (they’re 3-feet tall!) and eating habits (they like oranges and apples and Chinese food!). And talks about their roles as UNICORN CARETAKERS, duh. [Videogum] Keep reading »

If Elf Sex Is Real, We Should All Move To Iceland ASAP

I remember the first and only time I visited Iceland. I was there for a brief layover on the way to Amsterdam. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that it looked as if I were landing on the moon. Not only that … but the airport looked like a strange space station from the 1950s and all of the people looked like sprightly clones. It was kind of wonderful, but a little bit frightening. Kind of like a vintage episode of the “Twilight Zone.” If only I had stayed a bit longer, I might have discovered why all of the Icelandic clones were grinning relentlessly. It wasn’t all the vodka they were consuming—apparently it was the elves. According to this video, Icelandic people often partake in something called “elf sex.”

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Santa’s Helpers Get Married

The Santa Claus World Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, brings together Santas from around the world, and this year, the event got off to a cute start with a wedding between Rune Hamrath Hansen (who has elf ears!) and Sine Andersen. The two married in a Christmas-themed wedding. Andersen wore a red dress and veil and Hansen sported an outfit that looks like what elves wear while making toys in Santa’s workshop. Do the two just really love Christmas and Jolly Old St. Nick? We have no idea, but we bet the bride wore green lingerie under her dress. [AP] Keep reading »

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