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A Peek Inside The Home Of “Mad Men” Costume Designer Janie Bryant

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Janie Bryant has a tough job. For the past several years, she’s worked tirelessly as “Mad Men”‘s costume designer, giving the ad execs, wives and mistresses of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (and now Holloway) the perfect looks to represent their characters and the different eras of the show. That means switching from the remnants of ’50s fashion in “Mad Men”‘s early seasons to its latest incarnation — the beginnings of the horrible synthetic fabric and polyester pantsuits of the late ’60s and early ’70s. From Don Draper’s perfectly cut gray wool suits or Joan Holloway’s cleavage-bearing biz wear, Bryant’s contributions as costume designer are what make the show feel so authentic.

With taste that impeccable, you just know Bryant and her husband Peter must live in one heck of a great house. And they do. Elle Decor recently caught up with the couple and their poodle Lucie, for a quick but sweet tour of their Los Angeles home. You should definitely check out the whole thing, but in the meantime, we’ve picked a few of our favorite rooms after the jump. Keep reading »

The “Full House” Home Is Way Nicer Now That The Tanners Don’t Live There

Not to ruin the small screen for you, but characters on TV don’t actually live in the houses shown on shows. No, those exteriors shots are of homes where real people live. And actually, the homes inside can be even more magical than the sets used for filming, as we learned in the January/February issue of Elle Decor. The home where the Tanners supposedly lived on “Full House” is featured in the issue, and we’d find a way to put up with Stephanie’s incessant “How rude!” exclamations if we could move in. Check out the rest of the Tanners’ former San Francisco three-bedroom Victorian, then compare the current owners’ decor to that of the ’80s show after the jump. [Elle Decor] Keep reading »

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