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Jon Hamm & Elisabeth Moss Go On An Incognito Coffee Date In NYC

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Elisabeth on Jon's Junk
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Jon Hamm & Elisabeth Moss Go On An Incognito Coffee Date In NYC

What is wrong with me today? First, I am full of doubts about the circumstances surrounding George Clooney’s engagement. Then, I saw this photo of “Mad Men” costars Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss out together in NYC and my first thought was that they’re both dressed kind of like they’re trying to hide their identities and therefore they must be having a secret affair. Why am I so cynical? Why do I assume the worst? But I mean, Elisabeth is kind of Carmen Sandiego-ed out. [Photo: Fame/Flynet]

7 Reasons Why You Should Check Out “Top Of The Lake”

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Elisabeth on Jon Hamm's Junk
elisabeth moss jessica walter
What's she got to say about his business? Read More »
FMK: The Men of SCP
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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Top of the Lake

Before I tell you why you should watch the BBC 7-part miniseries “Top of the Lake” — available in full on Netflix streaming right now — I’ll tell you why you might not want to. It’s a tad depressing––okay, maybe really depressing, and there’s a whole child rape/pregnancy plotline in it, so it’s not for everyone.

But if you like compelling, well-written drama with incredible acting (and magical scenery), you’ve gotta give it a try. The story, produced by BBC and originally airing on the Sundance Channel, centers on the attempted suicide, rape and disappearance of 12-year-old Tui Mitcham, who lives in secluded Laketop, New Zealand. Tui’s family is embroiled in the local drug industry, and everyone’s got a past, including Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss), the tireless detective who’s working to solve Tui’s case. As Robin contends with Tui’s mystery, her father Matt butts heads with enigmatic guru G.J. (played by Holly Hunter in a striking grey wig) and her band of female followers, who’ve taken over a plot of land named, ironically, Paradise.

After the jump, 7 reasons to check out “Top of the Lake.” Keep reading »

Elisabeth Moss Has Nothing To Say About Jon Hamm’s Junk On “Watch What Happens Live!”

Jon Hamm's Ball
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Elisabeth On Fred
Elisabeth doesn't have good things to say about split from Fred Armisen. Read More »
plead the 5th!
elisabeth moss jessica walter
I Don't Understand The Question & I Won't Respond To It

I am so mad at Andy Cohen for not inviting me to be inside this Jessica Walter and Elisabeth Moss sandwich. “Arrested Development”? “Mad Men”? Booze? LIFE. Any challenges Elisabeth to a game of Plead The Fifth and, class act that she is, she had nothing to say about her costar’s famously well-endowed penis. I was kinda hoping she would plead the fifth, so she could use Jessica’s favorite Lucille Bluth line, “I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.” [Bravo TV]


Separated At Birth? Sarah Polley & Elisabeth Moss

Yesterday, I looked at the picture on the left, of actress/director Sarah Polley, and thought, It’s Peggy from “Mad Men.” So then I looked up pictures of Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy. And while they may not look exactly alike, they do sort of resemble each other, don’t you think?

Elisabeth Moss Plays “F**k, Marry, Kill” With The Men Of Sterling Cooper

  • In the new issue of GQ, “Mad Men”‘s Elisabeth Moss played “Fuck, Marry, Kill” with the men of Sterling Cooper. My guess is that she would kill Pete Campbell, because who wouldn’t if they got the chance, but it’s a toss up as to who she would fuck and who she would marry out of Don and Roger… [The Gloss]
  • Speaking of “Mad Men,” the show is back on Sunday — here are 10 questions we had better get answers to this season! [The Stir]
  • Which four characters are being bumped up to series regulars on “The Walking Dead”? Find out! [The Mary Sue] Keep reading »

Well Played: Elisabeth Moss’ Blonde Ambition

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Peggy And Don
Jon Hamm on Peggy Olsen's friendship with her boss. Read More »

I know Elisabeth Moss is best known as Peggy on “Mad Men,” but to me, she will always be the woman with the soft voice and the headache in that Excedrin commercial. Just thinking about that commercial gives me a friggin’ explosive migraine. Anyway! Moss has to be kind of dowdy to play Peggy, so I’m stoked that in her real life she’s decided to take the hair bull by the tawny tendrils of the hair horns and go blonde! And short! I think it looks great. What say you?

Elisabeth Moss Doesn’t Have Good Things To Say About Split From Fred Armisen

“One of the greatest things I heard someone say about him is, ‘He’s so great at doing impersonations. But the greatest impersonation he does is that of a normal person.’ To me that sums it up … I don’t want to waste any more of my life talking about it.”

– “Mad Men”‘s Elisabeth Moss opens up for the first time about her short marriage to “Saturday Night Live”/”Portlandia” comedian Fred Armisen in Page Six Magazine. Oooh, burn. As for whether the two keep in touch? “Oh, god, no,” Moss said. Yikes. [Page Six]

Stop Asking Elisabeth Moss If Don And Peggy Are Going To Sleep Together On “Mad Men”

Peggy And Don
Jon Hamm on Peggy Olsen's friendship with her boss. Read More »
Dress Like Peggy
How to steal Peggy Olsen's '60s businesswoman style. Read More »
Peggy Olsen and Don Draper photo

Elisabeth Moss: People are constantly asking if [Don Draper and Peggy Olsen are] gonna sleep together. I always get annoyed, because their relationship is more than that. And to keep that going over five years without selling out and having something else happen — that to me is really interesting and rarely done well.

Jon Hamm: People want to put us in a “Sam and Diane” box, but it’s about their mutual appreciation for the work. That’s where the material strikes its resonant chord, when it’s ostensibly about one thing and then it becomes about so much more. That’s the fun thing about Don and Peggy, and that’s the deeper thing about “Mad Men.”

If you thought this was the season that Don and Peggy were finally going to get together on “Mad Men,” you were wrong (again). Which is how it should be. [NYmag.com Vulture]

Star Couplings: Elisabeth Moss Is Divorcing Fred Armisen

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Absolute “Mad”-ness On Rolling Stone

“Mad Men”‘s Jon Hamm is on the cover of Rolling Stone with three more hot women than his character deserves: January Jones in regal gold, Elisabeth Moss in body-hugging dusty rose, and Christina Hendricks in a little red, five-alarm-fire of a dress. I love how this cover is demure by Rolling Stone standards but it sells S-E-X better than a dozen Jessica Simpsons.

Also, can we talk about the rack on Elisabeth? Girl, where’ve you been hiding those things?! [Rolling Stone] Keep reading »

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