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“Gallery Girls” Recap: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

"Gallery Girls," Ep. 7
More from Art Basel. Read More »
"Gallery Girls," Ep. 6
Amelia chats it up about GG! Read More »
"Gallery Girls," Ep. 5
Here comes Sucklord! Read More »
Amelia and Greg Debrief On "Gallery Girls"

The time is nigh to say farewell to the gods and monsters of “Gallery Girls.” But first! The season finale (check out Amelia and Greg from HyperVocal‘s Skype recap above as well). Imagine this recap to the International Graduation Song of 1996 –”It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye” by BoyzIIMen.

Sadly, annoyingly, our final episode is marred by Maggie drama. Maggie meets up with Amy to apologize for being kind of a See You Next Tuesday to her. Now that she and Liz have had a falling out — over the debaucherous man-strosity that is Maggie’s boyfriend and his friends — Maggie is reconsidering what she’s heard about Amy. Amy breaks down in tears as Maggie says what a nice person she is. It’s cute, but come on — the rule is that a friendship that’s established in Act I will be mercilessly killed in Act III. Keep reading »

“Gallery Girls” Recap: Photos And Fakeness

"Gallery Girls," Ep. 1-2
Liz is a bitch! Amy is a drunk! The Brooklyn girls suck! Read More »
"Gallery Girls," Ep. 3
Maggie touches her hair some more! Read More »
"Gallery Girls," Ep. 4
Bitches, breakdowns, and breakups, oh my! Read More »
A Visit To The Sucklord

Good day, and welcome to Terrible Young People Behaving Terribly. On this episode of “Gallery Girls,” we’re mainly concerned with the comings and goings and It-Girl-ing of one Angela Pham, resident photographer and Brooklynite. It seems that Angela insists on pursuing her dreams or something of becoming a photographer/It Girl, and it’s the eve of her first big show. “It has to be good or else I don’t know what will happen to my reputation,” she intones. Yes, because that’s what making art is all about. Your reputation. Keep reading »

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