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8 Plastic Surgeries That Should Be Made Illegal

It’s nuts what people will do to look good, but sometimes it’s even weirder what people think looks good to begin with. And with plastic surgery addiction becoming a growing problem, these people need to be stopped. Starting with ear pointing. I’m down with a sexy elf just as much as the next girl, but there are prosthetic ears that look pretty real. It’s not really necessary to have the top of your ear sliced and sutured together. Give it 50 years and see how you feel about being a withered old elf, OK? [BMEZine]

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Quickies!: Sex In An Auto Made Comfy

  • Sex in a car can be extremely awkward. Here are some tips to make the experience comfortable and pleasurable. [Dear Sugar]
  • Hallelujah! A low-calorie margarita does exist. [College Candy]
  • Beef up your booty with a booty bra. [Tango]
  • Fast food and beer go together like a hand in a glove, but did you know some wines are also great with fast food? [Asylum]
  • Listen to this mash-up of Metallica vs. Bryan Adams. [Popbytes]
  • Happy Anniversary Boinkology! [Boinkology]
  • Oh gross, elf ears are the new tongue ring. [Holy Taco]
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