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4-Year-Old With Gaga Hair Banned From School Pictures

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Marcella Marino really loved Lady Gaga’s bow hairstyle, so her sweet dad took her to a hair salon and had her hair done up. But officials at Marcella’s school said the bow-tie look violated school policy. According to a note sent to parents, girls were not permitted to wear “braids or beads” in their hair, and requested that girls ribbons or bows be “made of dark colors, maroon/navy blue/black.”

So … maybe Marcella’s bow would have worked had she had dark hair? Marcella, keep in mind, is four. I’m not entirely sure why it’s necessary to instill such a strict beauty code on such young girls. It’s not like she chose to follow some of Gaga’s other fashion trends, like say, her meat dress, or radical platform heels, after all. It’s a hair bow, people. Keep reading »

Wear Glasses When You Lie

Things have certainly changed since I was a kid. Back in elementary school, wearing glasses made you less than cool — luckily, I didn’t need them (I had a hard enough time making friends since I didn’t like pizza). These days, glasses make a statement, even to first graders. According to a study by researchers at Ohio State University, six to ten year olds think kids who wear glasses appear smarter than those who don’t. Wearing glasses also gave kids the impression that the wearer was more honest. Now I kind of wish I wore glasses. Who doesn’t want to look smart and trustworthy? [EurekAlert!] Keep reading »

Hey Kids! Hugs Are For Thugs!

The school board in Montgomery, AL, has such a strict policy against public displays of affection that it recently gave detention to two middle school girls who hugged female friends while on school grounds. Supposedly, bans like these are hyper reactive measures to prevent sexual harassment claims between students. The rationale behind “no hug” bans is that school officials don’t want to have to make the distinction between friendly hugs and unwanted ones — but shouldn’t the student being hugged be the one to express the difference? Anyway, if you tell kids that hugging each other inappropriately is not an on-campus activity, they’re just going to assume it’s okay for off-campus recreation, along with smoking cigarettes behind the 7-Eleven and stealing Playboys from under dad’s bed. [MSNBC] Keep reading »

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