The Egg Master Is The Kitchen Gadget Of Our Collective Nightmares

But wait, there’s video!

Megan Reynolds | July 16, 2015 - 2:30 pm

Cool Trick: How To Make Scrambled Eggs Still In The Shell

Yesterday, I kind of fell down a major DIY rabbit hole. No, I wasn’t actually doing Do-It-Yourself projects all day; I was just reading about them on the internet. I…

Amelia McDonell-Parry | August 8, 2011 - 2:20 pm

Learn This Easter Egg Trick

It’s always good to have a party trick even if it’s for an Easter egg hunt. Blow that egg right out of it’s shell, baby. Blow! All jokes…

Ami Angelowicz | April 24, 2011 - 2:00 pm

Random Single Gal Recipe: Poached Eggs On Spicy Toast With Avocado And Tomato

Hi Frisky readers! Fun fact about me—I love to make and eat food! Now, if Kelly Bensimon were to meet me, I’m sure she’d emphasize in her psychotic way that

Amelia McDonell-Parry | November 9, 2010 - 6:20 pm

Sperm Have To Be “Turned On” To Fertilize An Egg

A study published in the Journal of Proteome Research found that sperm can’t fertilize an egg immediately after entering the female reproductive tract. No, sperm are fickle little guys. An…

Catherine Strawn | April 14, 2009 - 3:45 pm

Girl Must Decide Whether To Use Mother’s Eggs Before She’s 18

This is a strange and sad story. A ten-year-old girl in England has Turner syndrome, a condition that generally causes infertility because an X chromosome is missing. When the girl…

Catherine Strawn | May 28, 2008 - 3:00 pm

Cuckoos Are Clever Birds

Did you know that the word “cuckold,” meaning the husband of an adulteress, is derived from “cuckoo,” a type of bird that commonly flies out of clocks? Cuckoos lay eggs…

Catherine Strawn | May 9, 2008 - 12:00 pm