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Defining Green Fashion: 10 Buzz Words You Should Know

Sustainable Style
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There are lots of buzz words in the sustainable, I mean, eco, I mean, green world of fashion and who is really to say which one is better than the other? You. Thanks to the world getting ever the more politically correct, you need to have a reference guide to be sure you know what you’re saying – and not offending.

Though we praise the hippies of the ‘60s for getting us thinking about more sustainable ways to groove in our hemps and organic cottons, only in the late-‘90s and early 2000 did the idea of eco fashion even hit mainstream or have sites dedicated to following it.

Why not take a look at the eco-fashion-lingo lineage through the years to catch us all up to speed? Keep reading »

Etsy Spotlight: Eco-Friendly Etsy Shops

Reader Meredith requested an Etsy spotlight post featuring some Etsy sellers who use eco-friendly practices. A great resource is Eco Etsy, a group of over 400 Etsy sellers who have vowed to reduce their environmental impact and use green practices whenever possible. We’ve highlighted 5 shops with quirky items made from recycled materials; if you run an eco-friendly Etsy shop or want to give a shout out to your favorite store, please add to our list and post a link in the comments section! And if you have a request for an Etsy spotlight post, shoot me an email at winona@thefrisky.com.

Win This! Eco-Friendly Fashion And Beauty Boxes!

Our friends at Eco Salon have handpicked the best of the best in eco and sustainable products good for you and the environment. One lucky winner will receive the Eco Friendly Fashion Box. Kick off the new year with a pair of recycled plastic Modo Eco Sunglasses, an organic cotton T-shirt from United by Blue, and a $50 Future:Standard gift certificate. There’s all that and more; this box is filled to the brim with sustainable flare to get you looking good for 2012.

Our second lucky winner will receive the Eco Friendly Beauty Box. So how about a gorgeous watch from Sprout, an organic Clary Sage tank for working out stylishly, and some Kahina Eye Serum with organic oil to smooth away the lines? And that’s just the beginning — this box is also packed with sustainable beauty products.

For a change to win, all you have to do is sign up for The Frisky and EcoSalon’s newsletter by clicking here!

Find out more about the prize boxes after the jump! Keep reading »

Crave: High-Waisted Pants That Look Good And Do Good

High-waisted pants are tricky. They have the potential to make even the Skinniest Minnie look dumpy. But this pair from eco-friendly designer Anna Cohen (her company runs on sustainable practices, from raw materials to end-of-life use) has the ever-so-elongating vertical stripes and an extra long leg that fit down over a pair of high-heels. [AnnaCohen.com via EcoSalon] Keep reading »

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