I love winter hats, but they flatten the curls I work so hard to keep bouncy. Still, the dilemma remains … my ears are friggin freezing. How to keep them warm? This year, I am exploring the world of earmuffs. UGG cardigan earmuffs are the perfect combo of cozy and cool. The wool mix knit… READ MORE »


Love hats, but hate hat hair? We so relate. Things get even stickier when you throw freezing winds into the equation. And God knows what persnickety motherf**kers ears can be during the winter.

Enter your savior: headbands and headwraps. Whether your boho, vintage sweetheart, or straight out of a Russian romance novel —… READ MORE »


Behold Lanvin’s earmuff design, complete with a jeweled brooch and dyed fox fur. Any guesses as to how much these winter warmers cost? (Hint: It’s more than some people earn in a month.) The answer after the jump! … READ MORE »


Hey, cupcake! It’s getting cold, isn’t it? Want a cute way to keep warm? Here are our picks for some cozy earmuffs — they won’t mess up your hairstyle and are guaranteed to garner smiles. Check them out after the jump! … READ MORE »