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Woman’s Belly Button Piercing Snags On Pool Drain & Other Piercing Horror Stories

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Cover your bellybutton before reading this:

A Colorado woman recently got her belly button piercing caught on a swimming pool drain. First of all, I hate this woman just because she is swimming in a pool in November. But second of all, OWWW. Fortunately the pool was only filled with six inches of water so her head was above water and she was never in danger of drowning. But her ring was painfully entangled in the drain plug for half an hour, which sounds unpleasant. Firefighters were finally called to drain the pool and free her navel.

This story is my nightmare of nightmares. You see, I once got my belly button ring stuck on the underside of a table (it had a curved lip) and it yannnnked when I stood up. It. Was. The. Most. Painful. Thing. Ever. That incident was one of the main reasons I took that particular piercing out. (Don’t worry, there’s still five others.)

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