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Cut The Damsels In Distress Nonsense!

Last week, I gave the thumbs-up to a piece I had read on Dumb Little Man that advised would-be-lovers to make people love them by making them take care of them. I’ve changed my mind. Sure, it sounds nice in a fairy tale, when this advice may have made sense, but it’s 2008! So I said, “…the exhausting trials of getting a man to love you warrants the easy use of a little Psych 101″ but then I realized that relying on a man for help, and him relying on you to want help from him is vaguely “co-dependent”.

Every time a girl goes bossing her boyfriend around, coddling him into helping her when she’s perfectly capable herself, Elizabeth Cady Stanton rolls around in her grave. So, if you want a dog, go to the pound, don’t make your boyfriend your bitch. Being a damsel in distress is lame and transparent and in the end, being that kind of girl only makes you and your man look bad, feel bad, and act bad(ly). We ladies have ourselves and that is all we were given because that’s all we need to get by. Start realizing all the things you’ve gotten done right by relying on yourself and you’ll attract the right kind of man naturally. And when he finds you, open a pickle jar for him instead! Keep reading »

Wrap Him Around Your Finger

Remember your class pet from grade school? You always liked that stinky little communal fuzz ball, but then when it was your turn to look after it over the weekend, that’s when it truly wormed its way into your heart. Something about taking care of something or someone makes you love it. It’s the same principle that makes parents love their children or you love that boyfriend who needs you. When you invest time, energy, and concern, you are wrapping up your heart with a bow and giving it to them. With that equation of giving equals loving in mind, you can make your man your bitch and live like a princess too — just like all those demanding girls who score the hot nice guys!
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