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Anna Duggar Takes Her Kids And Moves In With Her Parents

Unfortunately, she’s probably not leaving him for good.

Robyn Pennacchia / September 23, 2015

Duggar Homeschool Leader Deletes Flood Of Sexual Abuse Allegations From Facebook Post

Bill Gothard is accused of sexually harassing at least 34 women, and molesting at least 4.

Robyn Pennacchia / September 18, 2015

The Duggars’ Donation-Funded “Missionary Trips” Are Likely Just Extended Vacations

Surprise! The Duggars are scamming fans for money!

Robyn Pennacchia / September 10, 2015

Josh Duggar Missing From Rehab, Probably Out Having Sexcapades In Arkansas

Or he ran away to Burning Man to go find himself. …

Robyn Pennacchia / September 2, 2015

Josh Duggar’s Extended Family Hoping He Gets “Broken” In Rehab

Although the immediate Duggar family has been largely silent regarding Josh Duggar’s recent sex scandals — an Ashley Madison account, paying a porn star for rough sex, etc. etc.– other than the one statement about how he’s headed for “rehab,” two extended family members spoke to “Entertainment Tonight” about their feelings on finding out their…

Robyn Pennacchia / August 28, 2015

Josh Duggar Update: His Secret Stripper-Friending Facebook Page And More

He’s also updated his apology and removed references to internet porn and SATAN.

Robyn Pennacchia / August 20, 2015

Josh Duggar Blames “Internet Porn” For Ashley Madison Account

Josh Duggar confirms Ashley Madison account, attempts to apologize.

Robyn Pennacchia / August 20, 2015

Duggars Shocked People Think That Whole Molestation Thing Was A Big Deal

Really? Really? Can’t figure that one out?

Robyn Pennacchia / August 20, 2015

HOLY SHIT: Josh Duggar Had An Ashley Madison Account

Traditional marriage advocate Josh Duggar was looking for a naughty girl into experimenting with sex toys. …

Robyn Pennacchia / August 19, 2015

The Duggars Want A New Show Where They Counsel Sex Abuse Victims

They have got to be out of their very minds.

Robyn Pennacchia / August 18, 2015

The Duggars Will Be Back On TLC For Child Abuse Special

Jessa and Jill will be appearing, but there’s no word on Josh’s involvement.

Rebecca Vipond Brink / August 14, 2015

Mariah Carey Cast In Next Season Of Empire, Says Lee Daniels

Also: New casting news for The Wiz, and George W. Bush had jury duty…

Robyn Pennacchia / August 5, 2015

TLC Officially Cancels “19 Kids & Counting”

Took ‘em long enough. …

Megan Reynolds / July 16, 2015

Josh Duggar Faces Lawsuit From Sex Abuse Victim

All the church elders who helped cover this up will be named as well. …

Robyn Pennacchia / July 1, 2015

Huckabee, Santorum, Duggars and More Vow To Ignore SCOTUS If Marriage Equality Is Passed

The Supreme Court is gearing up to rule on the issue of same-sex marriage by the end this month, and it seems like everyone has their fingers crossed one way or another. I am hoping it will put an end to this nonsense, because it’s certainly getting to be a bit embarrassing what with Ireland–one of…

Robyn Pennacchia / June 15, 2015

The Duggars Are Being Investigated By The Department Of Human Services

A 911 transcript reveals that a DHS official called police after the Duggars were uncooperative during a visit.

Robyn Pennacchia / June 10, 2015

Duggars Put Locks On Bedrooms After Josh Confessed

As part of Megyn Kelly’s sit-downs with Duggar family members this week, it was revealed that Josh Duggar’s sisters Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard were two of his victims. The women’s interview with Kelly airs on Fox’s “The Kelly File” tonight at 9 EDT, and Kelly has given “Extra” a preview; the AP also ha…

Newser / June 5, 2015

Palins Want To Know Why “Liberal Media” Condemned Josh Duggar, Not Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham was six or seven, Josh Duggar was 15. There’s a bit of a difference there.

Robyn Pennacchia / June 5, 2015