15 Companies Have Pulled Their Ads From The Duggars’ Counting On Series

Who really wants this on the air, anyway? More »

The Duggars Say The Devil Turned Josh Into A Perv To Destroy Them

When the news leaked about Josh Duggar’s youthful dalliance with child molestation and, later, his penchant for adultery, I assumed this was because he was perhaps not a very good person, and definitely a hypocrite. According to the Duggars, I was wrong.

Apparently, this whole thing had nothing to do with Josh not being… More »

Josh Duggar Will Not Appear On TLC’s ‘Counting On’, Wife Anna Will

Josh Duggar is out of rehab, but he won’t be appearing on his family’s new TLC series called “Jill and Jess: Counting On. Sorry buddy, you’ve been ousted because you’re gross.

His (somehow still) doting wife Anna Duggar will be starring in the show along with Jessa, Josh’s sister. The series will premier… More »

Family Values Advocate/Sexual Predator Josh Duggar Is Out Of Rehab Now

Mothers, lock up your daughters! Literally… More »

Duggar-Affiliated Cult Leader Bill Gothard’s Sexual Abuse Victims Speak Out

Both women were former rape victims who came to Gothard for help. More »

WTF, TLC?: Duggars To Return For Another Season of “19 Kids And Counting?”

Well that certainly didn’t take long. More »

Porn Star Danica Dillon Says Josh Duggar Choked Her, Spat On Her, Was A Nightmare

He’s just so Christlike. More »

Duggar Pastor Cops To “Sinful And Ungodly Behavior,” Touching Women’s Feet

Bill Gothard only admits to touching the hair and feet of the young women who worked for him. More »

Duggar Homeschooling Leader Accused Of Sexual Abuse By Ten Women

Ten women have come forward to file lawsuits against Bill Gothard, accusing the former leader of the Institute In Basic Life Principles (and friend of the Duggars) of sexual abuse and assault, with at least one of those women accusing Gothard of rape.

Gothard was contacted by the Washington Post in light of the… More »

Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Duggar Church Dismissed, For Now

The plaintiffs have the option to refile. More »

Anna Duggar Is Pretty Set On Standing By Her Gross Ass Man

She goes full Tammy Wynette. More »

Anna Duggar Talks About Josh’s Sex Scandal In Promo For New TLC Show

SORTA. More »

True Story: My Homeschooling Experience Was Nothing Like The Duggars’

#NotAllHomeschoolers More »

Duggars Bribe Anna With Fancy Mansion In Hopes She Won’t Divorce Josh

Alas, Anna probably can’t live there until Josh gets back from Jesus Sex Rehab. More »

Duggar-Affiliated Homeschool Ministry Sued By Five Women Over Sexual Abuse

Bill Gothard of the Institute for Basic Life Principles has been accused of sexual misconduct by over 30 women. More »

Duggar Sisters Hope You Will Watch Their New Show Even Though Josh Is Gross

Can these people get jobs that don’t involve having their lives filmed for television? More »

Michelle Duggar’s Hottest Sex Tip Will Make You Want To Stab Everything In Sight

It’s not enough to just iron your man’s shirts, you must also be “joyously” sexually available to him at all times. More »

Anna Duggar Takes Her Kids And Moves In With Her Parents

Unfortunately, she’s probably not leaving him for good. More »

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