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Girl Talk: Dear Dress, It’s Not Me, It’s You

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Dressing room Waterworks
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This weekend I was wandering around one of my favorite stores when I spotted a sliver of blue plaid fabric peeking out from the crowded rack of dresses. Blue is my favorite color, and plaid is my favorite pattern, so I was immediately intrigued.

When I reached into the mass of hangers and pulled out the mysterious dress, there is a good chance I audibly gasped. It was lined in silk, with a cutout in the back, a sweetheart neckline, and a flowing hourglass shape. It was surprisingly formal, but the plaid fabric made it feel playful and fun. It was unique without trying too hard. It was, quite possibly, the most beautiful dress I’d ever seen. “I would pay $200 for a dress like this,” I thought, flipping over the price tag to reveal numerous crossed-out sale prices making their way toward a grand total of $39.97. I practically skipped to the dressing room. Keep reading »

Want To Use Your Webcam For Shopping?

Personally, I can’t online shop. I’m probably one of the few girls in the world who actually goes to a store each and every time I want to buy something. There’s just something in the decision process for me that requires actually trying on clothes. Tobi boutique in San Francisco is trying to accommodate people like me, who really need to see just how a piece of clothing will look on before they buy, with the launch of their new virtual dressing room. This isn’t the first kind of virtual dressing room — H&M has avatars and Macy’s worked with My Virtual Model to create likenesses for online shoppers. But this option uses the webcam to make it appear as if the shopper has tried on the clothing. Note that sizes don’t change, which is a huge, if not the most important, part of shopping. But the really fun part is you can basically go shopping with your friends and send pics back and forth. Soon the site will show off your screen and your friends’, side by side.

What do you think? For all you hesitant online shoppers out there, does this make the process seem more appealing? [WWD] Keep reading »

Another L Word: Lurker

I’m addicted to The L Word and have been since episode one. The sex is hot and the women are cool. My girl crush is the androgynous lady-killer Shane who cuts hair and breaks hearts. Although she slept with two bridesmaids and the mother of the bride in a wedding episode, she wasn’t the one having the hottest sex this season. Helena, the rich girl who was caught at an illegal high stakes poker game, got thrown in the slammer with a beefcake beauty. She and her cellmate made the best of their close quarters and even fell in love. Who knew bunk bed prison sex could be so romantic?! It started to make me think that being stared at in jail might be kinda sexy…. But last weekend, I learned my lesson — luckily without being arrested. Keep reading »

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