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The Secret To Ryan Gosling’s Success: Dream Analysis

Everything Ryan Gosling touches seems to turn into unicorn farts and I’m sure it will be no different with his directorial debut of the new fantasy film, “How To Catch A Monster.” To make sure that the film is a success, the Gos went the extra mile and hired a dream analyst to work with his actors. According to Saoirse Ronan, who stars in the film, a woman named Greta had her and the rest of the cast, which includes Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes, and Matt Smith, write a letter to their inner selves each night to reveal information about their characters which they would then act out in rehearsals. Ronan explained the process to Vulture:

“We would come in the next day to discuss our dreams with each other, and act them out, I’d tell Greta, ‘Listen, I don’t know what this is, but I was doing this last night, and then this person popped up [in my dream]‘ and she’d make sense out of it. And that was our rehearsal…It made us become very close…It was a very new method for me, because all of a sudden, Ryan was encouraging us to incorporate our own personalities into our characters, how you feel about things, what your anxieties are, and things like that.”

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Finally! Science Explains Why You Can’t Ever Remember Your Dreams

As a dream analysis enthusiast, I’ve shared my tips for recalling your nightly adventures more easily. While I still think a few simple tricks can help you remember your dreams more often and in more detail, it turns out that there is a scientific reason why some of us remember our dreams more regularly than others. In a study published in the journal Cerebral Cortex, researchers studied the brain patterns of “high dream recallers” and “low dream recallers” and found that the “high dream recallers”showed stronger brain activity, both while awake and while asleep, in the part of the brain responsible for attending to external stimuli. Keep reading »

5 Common, Shitty Dreams About Other People & What They Might Mean

According to a new survey, done by a UK hotel chain (?), more than 60 percent of people wake up pissed when they have a bad dream about someone and find it hard not to take it out on them the next day. Especially if say, your boyfriend cheated on you last night. You wake up and he’s snoring there next to you and the first thing you want to do is scream at him — he who knows nothing of the clandestine lunch he had girl you knew in elementary school. That fucker! Keep reading »

4 Tips For Understanding Your Nightmares

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Almost every night this week, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with some heinous nightmares. One night, my good friend, who’s about to get married, told me the wedding was off because she’d decided to date one of my exes, in another, I was being held at gun point, last night, my house was getting submerged with toxic water. I woke up gasping, with cold sweats.

I think, for many of us, when we have a realistic seeming nightmare — that someone is going to die, that our partner is cheating on us — our first instinct is to think: Is this going to come true? Or, if the nightmare is more out there, we think: Is something really bad is about to happen?  Keep reading »

How To Remember Your Dreams

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I use my dreams as my primary source of inner wisdom in my life. If I want insight into how I really feel about something, clues about areas for growth or guidance on how to proceed with any difficult life situation, I look to my dreams for answers. This is all well and good if you remember your dreams regularly, but many people complain of only being able to recall dreams occasionally, or not at all. Don’t fret. This is something you can get better at if you put a little bit of effort into it. I say this from personal experience.

In college, I took a class that changed my relationship to my dream life entirely. It was called Dream Journal Workshop. Only acting majors would get credit for a course like that, huh? But seriously, it turned out to be one of the most useful classes I took. I even went on to minor in psychology and do graduate work on the subject. Keep reading »

10 Common Sex Dreams And What They Mean

Sex dreams, especially ones involving “doing it” with a person you would never, ever want to see naked in real life, can be quite disturbing. I once had a dream about a boss who I was absolutely repulsed by. Not only was he extremely unattractive to me, but his arrogance and condescending attitude made him extra, extra unsexy. Also, he walked like Bigfoot. And when he ate, the food always ended up all over his face. Yet still, there he was in my dream, naked and on top of me in his office. And I was into it. YUCK!!

When I went into work the next day, I couldn’t even look him in the eye, worried that I was somehow secretly attracted to him. (I wasn’t.) Hell, even thinking about the dream right now makes me want to go brush my teeth. But I’m of the school of thought that every vivid dream, whether it involves your gross boss naked or not, deserves some examination. I had to get past being disgusted by my dream and try to understand the deeper message.  Keep reading »

Sex Dream Rules
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