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Crave: Miramax’s “Doubt” On DVD

We kind of slacked off and didn’t see any of the Oscar contenders last year. Sometimes 12 bucks is way too much to pay to sit in a too cold theater with a bunch of strangers for a couple of hours. But now, we can watch Doubt from the comfort of our couch while snacking on real finger food that didn’t cost an additional $12. And when the movie gets too emotional, like when Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) confronts Mrs. Miller (Viola Davis) about her son’s alleged sexual abuse, we’ll be able to cry in private without seeming like a wuss. Let the snot bubbles blow! [$17.99, Amazon] Keep reading »

No “Doubt” For Viola Davis

Viola Davis doesn’t have top-billing on “Doubt” movie posters or the website. But the Tony Award-winning actress has been generating a great deal of award buzz for her role as Mrs. Miller, a mother who makes a surprising decision when confronted with the accusation her son may have been molested by a priest. Although she only appears in the film for 11 minutes, she has been nominated for a Golden Globe and there is talk of an Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress. Davis said she felt gawky acting opposite Meryl Streep (Sister Aloysius) in rehearsals. However, she holds her own in one of the movie’s most powerful scenes, even if she was a little embarrassed when she first watched it. She said on “The View,” “When I first saw the scene…I took to my bed…’cause I saw all the boogers coming out my nose.” Keep reading »

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