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Check Out Slate’s Chart On The Atlantic’s Guide To Womanhood

Being a lady is confusing these days. Luckily we have The Atlantic Monthly, a wonk-eriffic magazine enjoyed by coastal elites and assorted people you thought were pretentious d-bags in college, to explain this womanhood thing to us.  Slate’s ladyblog Double X has compiled a handy dandy chart to help us figure it all out. The …
By: Jessica Wakeman / June 27, 2012

Roofied Letter Writer Responds To Lucinda Rosenfeld’s Advice

Not to beat this story dead, but a commenter pointed out that the "Friend Or Foe" letter writer has responded to Lucinda Rosenfeld's advice -- on Double X! Here's a portion of what she wrote and we would like to say, "YOU GO GIRL." "For the record, I really was roofied, ma'am. The idea…
By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 16, 2009

Should This Columnist Be Fired For Giving Bad Advice?

Writer Lucinda Rosenfeld is in big-time trouble with internet commenters! The author of I'm So Happy For You writes an advice column for Double X called "Friend Or Foe" and her advice to a recent letter writer has commenters calling for her termination. So what was the dilemma and her supposedly awful advice?
By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 16, 2009

Battle Of The Lady Blogs: Double X Jumps On Jezebel

In "The Trouble With Jezebel" on Double X, Linda Hirshman takes Jezebel to task for what she considers to be a cavalier and snarky attitude on serious subjects like rape and STDs. Then, she asks, "What can Jezebel tell us about the state of young women’s lives?" Can we please sto…
By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / May 13, 2009