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5 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room So It Doesn’t Look Like A Dorm Room

Living in a dorm is an important milestone of college life, but it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing experience. Case in point: one of my friend’s freshman year dorm room had a giant drain in the middle of the floor, like an easy-to-hose-out dog kennel for humans. Charming, right? Last year, my coworkers compiled thisĀ great list of dorm decorating tips, and this year I wanted to go a bit more in-depth, focusing on a few ways you can make your dorm look a little more home-y, and a little less dorm-y. Click on the gallery to check out 5 easy upgrades!

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The Roommate Questionnaire Colleges Should Actually Use

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Worst Roommate Ever?
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the roommate questionnaire colleges should actually use

Your college roommate can be your best friend or your most terrible, smelly nightmare. Colleges are supposed to hook you up with roommates you’ll at least be able to marginally get along with, but often it doesn’t exactly work out that way. I’m not sure exactly what I filled out on my freshman roommate form, but the person I ended up couldn’t have been further from me: A science major into sports. I went to bed early, she stayed up late (and often passed out in her soccer gear.) We made it through the year, but not without some fighting and some tears — and some visits from her very eccentric boyfriend from home.

I’m sure I was no peach to live with, either. She probably hated my band posters and weird art projects, and that I was constantly listening to mopey emo music. Could our dismal freshman roommate experience have been avoided? Possibly. Had we had a more comprehensive roommate questionnaire, perhaps there would have been a shocking red flag, warning our dorm room administrators that the two of us were a terrible match.

I mean, do college roommate questionnaires ask about the things you actually want to know about the person you’re going to spend the next nine months with? If they did, we think the form would look something like this (all based on our personal roommate experience)… Keep reading »

Are Coed Dorm Rooms A Good Idea?

Starting next fall, Columbia University in New York City will institute a “gender neutral” housing policy for everyone but freshman. This means guys and gals can share a room. Gasp! Which means that hetero couples might decide to live together and … wait for it … have sex! Yes, this is a big concern for some people, especially of the parental variety. As if drunken, horny, stressed-out 20-somethings packed together on a small campus haven’t been doin’ it for decades. For real, though, there are a lot of reasons why this is a good thing. After the jump, why “gender neutral” housing makes everything a little more equal. Keep reading »

Duh! Study Proves That Coed Dorms Encourage Sex And Drinking

A groundbreaking study conducted on five college campuses has concluded that coed dormitories lead to more sex, more binge-drinking, and more pornography than the same-sex alternative. Oh, and by “groundbreaking,” I mean inconclusive, biased, and obvious. Ninety percent of the country’s college campuses are coed, and students are generally placed in housing automatically unless they opt-out to live in same-sex housing. Of the 510 students involved in the study, 42 percent of coed dorm students admit they binge-drink on a weekly basis, compared to 18 percent of the students in gender-specific housing. Sixty-three percent of the students in same-sex housing (which in this study means a paltry 68 students) said they had no sexual partners this year (bummer!), while only 44 percent of coed students were chaste. And of the co-ed students, 13 percent said they’d had three or more sexual partners, this was true of 5 percent of the single-sex dwellers. [Reuters]

May I suggest a theory?
Keep reading »

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