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How Clinton and Trump are preparing for the first debate says everything about how they would lead

It’s a circus. More »

Is Kim Kardashian voting for Trump? Here’s why that wouldn’t be surprising at all

Tons of celebs have come out in support of Hillary Clinton for president, with only a few rogue names voicing support for Donald Trump. However, one A-lister’s voting preference became a topic of speculation, causing everyone to wonder: is Kim Kardashian voting for Trump? Knowing her (not like we’re friends, but everyone pretty much knows KK),… More »

The 2016 presidential debate schedule, if you have the stamina to endure them all

Sure, it’s going to be exhausting, but it’s your duty as a citizen in a democratic society to watch them all. More »

What will the first presidential debate be about? 3 main topics will lead the convo

Let’s see how Trump will make it all about himself. More »

How to watch the presidential debate online, because no one has time for real TVs

Since the 2016 election has felt like a decade-long saga, it’s almost shocking that the first presidential debate is just now happening. More »

Trump calls for more stop-and-frisk because it was such a booming success in New York

He has no new ideas. And no idea what he’s talking about. More »

How to watch the first presidential debate, because you’re going to want to see this

It’s going to be a wild night. More »

Trump finally admits Obama was born in the U.S. and says the scandal is over

But you can’t walk that kind of shit back. More »

Can this female pastor who actually got Trump to STFU follow him around every day?

Seriously, she’s the only one who can do it. More »

Trump launches “women’s empowerment tour,” which seems like a thing that can’t possibly go wrong

A campaign spokeswoman already identified two women on the tour as the campaign’s token black women to audience members at an Ohio stop, just to prove that black women who support Trump actually aren’t mythical creatures and do, in rare cases, exist. More »

Does Donald Trump have dementia? 8 troubling signs that deserve a closer look

For all his glowing skin and bold language, he honestly might not be doing too great. For starters, probable jaundice. Additionally, there’s been speculation of late that he might have dementia. No, seriously. Now, whether or not Trump really has dementia is to be seen but the signs are there, guys.More »

Donald Trump claims media is biased against Christians, the true victims in America

America is just starting to wrench itself free of the homophobia, misogyny, and general intolerance it was built on (and, like, just fucking starting), but through it all, let us never forget that Christians are the victimiest of the victims in America today. #ThoughtsAndPrayersMore »

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia and Republicans are obsessed with a woman’s health for the first time ever

Aww, they totes care! More »

12 times Donald Trump looked extremely presidential and ready to lead the nation

Stay classy, Donald. More »

We don’t have to slut-shame Melania Trump to highlight why she’d make a terrible first lady

As she sues The Daily Mail for defamation, it’s worth remembering her sultry photoshoots and history of maybe being an escort have nothing to do with why she should not be first lady. More »

Donald Trump presents “angel moms” to demonize undocumented immigrants

Trump bringing out the “angel moms” sharply contrasts Clinton standing with Black Lives Matter’s “Mothers of the Movement” at the DNC in July. More »

Mexicans Respond To Donald Trump’s Visit Exactly The Way You’d Imagine

Another day, another rage against Donald Trump. More »

Trump’s Campaign Manager’s View Of Rape Puts All The Responsibility On Women

After some digging, a super PAC discovered that in 2013, Trump’s campaign manager said rape is women’s fault. Because they are weak. More »

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