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There Will Be A Doggie Fashion Show During NYFW

United Bamboo Calendar
So many cats so dressed up! Read More »
Dog Dealbreaker
He brought his dog on the date. Read More »
Shoes For Dogs
Jeremy Scott's made your pooch a pair of stuffed animal sneakers. Read More »

People love them some pet fashions, it’s a fact. What’s better than a dog dressed up in a raincoat? Nothing. Nothing, is the answer. So we are mega-stoked that former music publicist Sophie Miller has filled the very large void in our lives (and our hearts) with her new collection, Designs by Sophie — and that she’ll be showing her latest collection at New York Fashion Week. The collection is “music-inspired,” though we’re pretty sure that dogs don’t care, and are just happy as long as they can continue to sniff each other’s butts and eat poop off the ground. And a portion of the profits from each piece goes to the Humane Society, which is good, considering most of these doggie fashions cost more than what we’d spend on ourselves. [Lucky]

Canine Vans: Doggie Do Or Don’t?

We always feel bad for dogs that get shoved into silly little sweaters and raincoats, but designer Charlotte Ronson posted this photo of a puppy in Vans, and it’s just too cute to hate on. What a baller. [cjronson/TweetPhoto via Refinery29] Keep reading »

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