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Puppy Pizza, For The Beer-Guzzling, Couch Potato, Totally Pampered Pet

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In my experience, dogs and cats don’t really care what their food looks like. Rather, they just want to eat. And often. And while getting a snack straight from your plate is typically an extra special treat for a pup, it’s hard to say whether the time, energy and money that goes into creating Puppy Pizza — a pizza made specifically for dogs — is really, truly worth it. But alas, the fine people of Animal Outfitters in Buffalo, New York, have done just that — and created three varieties of pizza made especially for a dog. Dog owners and their spoiled pets can choose from bacon, pepperoni, or cheese “puppy” varieties. And, the pizza comes in a special pizza box (because your dog really, really cares about pizza authenticity.) Keep reading »

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