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Divorce Greatest Threat To The Ecosystem After Pollution

Going green has made its way to the bedroom. According to a new study conducted at Michigan State University, the divorce rate is taking its toll on the environment because single living spaces require as much energy as a shared home. From air conditioners to appliances, the strain on electricity production and natural resources has… More »

Divorce-O-Grams: The New Spam?

Salon has an interesting story about the rising prevalence of “divorce announcements” coming from average couples seeking to make their entire address book aware of their impending split. How Hollywood! Seriously, it used to be that only glamorous movie stars headed to divorce court let “the public” know about the sad end to their perfect… More »

UPDATE: Pamela Anderson’s Relationship Fluctuates More Quickly Than Her Breast Size

So, it’s possible that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon aren’t calling it quits quite yet. Apparently, the two had a huge fight and Pam was a bit hasty in filing for divorce, because the diary on her website says, “We’re working things out…” We can only hope that there will be an Anderson-Salomon make-up sex… More »

Pamela Anderson’s Marriage Vanishes

After just two months of marriage to Rick Salomon, Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. How different can the two be? They’ve both been previously married (and divorced) and they’re both into making sex tapes. While it seems like they have a lot in common, perhaps the marriage was doomed from the… More »

Odds Still In Divorce’s Favor

The latest U.S. Census has been released and there’s news! First, what’s good: Divorce rates have leveled off in the last few years — Hooray! But they still suck — Boo! Seventy-percent of couples who married after 1970 made it to their tenth anniversary, but, unfortunately, many marriages are ending in divorce after the first… More »

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