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22 Spot-On Quotes From Fashion Icon & Former Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland

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Words of Wisdom from Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland was a groundbreaking editor, fashion legend and inveterate tastemaker. She worked as an editor with Harper’s Bazaar and spent 20 years there before switching over to become the editor of Vogue,  and ended her career as a curator and consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Think of her as Anna Wintour before Anna Wintour.

In her time, Vreeland was basically at the center of the socialite universe — dressed by Chanel and Balenciaga; friends with everyone from Jack Nicholson to Cole Porter to Wallis Simpson and Jackie Kennedy; privy to an audience with the King of England. She traveled extensively, which is where she picked up a lot of her favorite style inspirations including thong sandals (which didn’t exist in the West until she brought them  over from Tunisia) and animal prints. She wasn’t considered conventionally beautiful — in fact, her mother once scathingly told her, “It’s too bad that you have such a beautiful sister and that you are so extremely ugly and so terribly jealous of her.” She also, clearly, had a terrible mother.

Vreeland had a reputation for being tough to work with, but her vision was strong and her influence widespread.  She helped launch the careers of models like Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick and Cher, and photographer Richard Avedon (of whom she misnamed “Aberdeen”).  She was smart––and she got results, transforming Vogue into a high-fashion thinking woman’s magazine.

She was also really witty. You know that common turn of phrase, “_____ is the new ____?” She invented that. Her 1984 memoir DV is filled with witty bon mots, hilarious turns of phrase and moments of genius. After the jump, 22 of our favorite Vreeland quotes. Keep reading »

Women Who Rock: Diana Vreeland

March is National Women’s History Month, and we’re celebrating by sharing a lady we admire each weekday.

DIANA VREELAND (c.1906-1989)
In 1936, the editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar gave Diana Vreeland, a wife and mother of two, a job, even though she technically didn’t have any experience. Vreeland began telling women to live extraordinarily with her “Why Don’t You” column (a sample: “Why don’t you tie black tulle bows on your wrists?”). She influenced what women in America wore with her work as a fashion editor at Bazaar for 25 years before and then at Vogue, where she first worked as an associate editor before becoming editor in chief in 1963. During her reign, she shook up the fashion world by using women who looked like individuals (Lauren Hutton, Ali McGraw), and helped along the careers of now-infamous designers, including Oscar de la Renta. Vreeland always took chances and did the unexpected, and she hoped others would do the same with their clothing choices and the way they lived their lives.

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    Quote Of The Day: Diana Vreeland On Finding Your Place

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