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No-Poo Update: Fuck Yeah, Rye Flour

About six weeks ago, I wrote about using skin products that are pH-balanced to the skin on your face (the pH of which, by the by, is 5.5). In it, I had a tiny addendum about the fact that the same science that goes for your face also goes for your hair. It was an edifying bit of research for me, because I stopped washing my hair with shampoo in February on the basis of it being totally unnecessary, a waste of money, damaging to your scalp, and snake oil aimed at the same women’s beauty standards that make us go crazy over so much else about our looks. Keep reading »

Laundry Day Just Got Greener And Neater

Laundry is my least favorite chore: It takes hours to complete and the results don’t last more than a day. While Method’s new line of laundry products won’t make washing your clothes more enjoyable, at least it’ll make the task more environmentally friendly and less messy. Because their plant-based formula is super concentrated, a 20-oz. bottle will get you through 50 loads, which means the stuff leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, the detergent comes out of a pump, so it won’t dribble all over the bottle (and you won’t get powder everywhere, as I’ve been known to do). Laundry day is never fun, but at least now it won’t be as messy or bad for Mama Earth. [$15, Method Home] Keep reading »

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