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Dennis Rodman And A Kim Jong Un-Alike Star In An Ad For Pistachios

Dennis Rodman And A Kim Jong Un-Alike Star In An Ad For Pistachios
Get Crackin'?

Wonderful Pistachios have really stepped up their ad game in what seems like an exorbitantly expensive way. I mean, they’ve landed Snoop Dogg, Homer and Bart Simpson, Psy at the height of his awful-moment-in-pop-culture fame, even the Prancercise lady … I had no idea there was so much money in pistachios. This latest video star also couldn’t have come cheap, but how they got Dennis Rodman is just not one of the questions I have about this clip. No, there are so many more, like why they thought it would be a good idea to feature a green-haired Rodman being obliterated via red button by a doppelgänger for his close pal Kim Jong Un. So many questions, and not one of them is whether or not I’d like to go buy Wonderful Pistachios right now.

Where In The World Is Dennis Rodman?

Dennis Rodman's Orgy
Broadcasts his orgy for guests! Read More »

As long as Dennis Rodman is not in jail, or broadcasting a drunken orgy, we’re happy for him. But the dude’s been getting around lately. You may be watching him on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” where he came back for another shot — allegedly sober this time. The 51-year-old former NBA star wants more than just a chair in Donald Trump’s boardroom. He’s the new self-appointed diplomat of world peace. Eat that, Bono!

In the last couple of weeks, you may have seen photos of Rodman’s basketball date –and subsequent cementing friendship “for life”- with North Korea’s leader,  Kim Jong-un. The scene was documented as part of a new HBO series produced by Vice. Rodman’s visit took place at time of heightened tension between the United States and North Korea, a result of North Korea’s nuclear program. And then, almost magically, the North Korean military called off the Korean War armistice agreement. How did Rodman do it!? Today, the former basketball star announced that he would be vacationing with Kim Jong-un in August. “I don’t condone what he does, but he’s my friend,” Rodman told the press.

And now that he’s brought peace to North Korea, his next stop on his diplomacy tour is …

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Today’s Lady News: Dennis Rodman Launching Topless Women’s Basketball Team

  • Dennis Rodman says he’s launching a “topless women’s basketball team” for the Headquarter’s Gentlemen’s Club in New York. “You don’t have to have too much experience,” Rodman told the New York Post, because I guess watching women playing sports is only entertaining when they’re physically appealing to the male gaze? While I generally don’t care if women want to pose nude/work in strip clubs/perform sex word, I find the combination of toplessness with a field (sports) where women are struggling to get respect particularly repulsive here. [New York Post]
  • As of January 1, girls ages 17 and younger in New Hampshire must notify a parent or guardian at least 48 hours before they have an abortion. NH’s governor vetoed the law, but his veto was overridden. [Union Leader]
  • An abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida, burned to the ground in a fire on Sunday. Investigators say American Family Planning (formerly known as The Ladies Center and Community Healthcare) has been the site of past violence. The clinic was bombed in 1984 and in 1994, a doctor and clinic escort were both murdered by extremists. [New York Times]
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Dennis Rodman Broadcasts Orgy For Party Guests

Oopsie! Dennis Rodman does the craziest things when he’s been drinking. After some shout-outs on the mic as a celeb guest at Hotel Indigo in the Hamptons, Dennis took six ladies up to his room for an orgy. Why not, right? Just an average Sunday night for Dennis. Only problem was he forgot to turn off his cordless microphone and all of the guests downstairs heard Dennis talking very dirty to his harem. Lesson learned. Always make sure your mic is off when you’re about to have a drunken orgy. Or time to go back to rehab, Dennis Rodman. [NY Post] Keep reading »

Madonna’s Many, Many, Many Romantic Entanglements

Happy 52nd Birthday, Madonna! In honor of the Material Girl, we’ve decided to take a look back at her romantic relationships. And, lordy, have there been a lot. Keep reading »

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