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Inspiration Board: Dennis Hopper’s “Easy Rider”

Dennis Hopper broke from Hollywood convention when he co-wrote, directed, and starred in “Easy Rider,” released in 1969, a movie that tells the story of a cross-country motorcycle trip. At that time, he had only appeared on TV and in small movie roles. He made “Easy Rider” for about $1 million, yet it was a box office success and received an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay. After a long history as an actor, artist, and photographer, Dennis died May 29 from a long battle with prostate cancer. But let’s remember this original Hollywood bad boy with the movie that made the studios take notice. [Time]

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Quickies: Dennis Hopper Is Dying And Divorcing, Michelle Obama Changes Hair

  • Dennis Hopper, who is reportedly on his death bed, has filed for divorce from his wife of 14 years to allegedly get her off his will. [The Huffington Post]
  • Liv Tyler owes Bruce Willis a huge “thank you” for hooking her up with her new love interest, Charlie Hunnam. [Starpulse]
  • Drivers in Moscow were treated to two minutes of porn on video billboard. [MSNBC]

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